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Baron Fig Confidant Planner for 2017

Its the time of year when all of our favorite notebook manufacturers also showcase their planners for 2017.  Today we are taking  a look at the Baron Fig Confidant Planner which comes in dark grey.  Baron Fig always puts together incredibly well crafted and well thought out products, but this one has a nice little surprise ending too.  You can pick up your very own here at the Baron Fig site if you are in the market for a new planner.


The Baron Fig Confidant Planner has a nice feeling book cloth cover with the year embossed in the lower right hand corner of the cover for a nice simplistic look.  Inside the front cover you will also find the typical blank box area which is a great place for your name, contact information, or maybe even something like an inspirational quote or some quick high level goals for the upcoming year.


Inside the box of the Baron Fig Confidant Planner there is also a handy reference calendar for 2017.  As someone who does project planning as part of my full time job, I love having one of these handy to pin up at my desk.  I particularly like this one because they put Saturday and Sunday to the far right instead of book-ending them like most other calendars do.  The calendar is printed on a pretty heavy stock cardboard that is about 7.5″ x 5.25″ in size.  One small drawback is that it has a slightly glossy finish and the background is all black, so it won’t be ideal for marking off the days unless you use something like a metallic sharpie.


The Baron Fig Confidant Planner starts you off on the first pages with a full 2017 monthly calendar spread over two pages.  It has the same layout as the standalone calendar inser I just showed you, so it also has the weekend days listed to the right for each month.


Following the full 2017 calendar, the next pages are two page spreads for each month.  Each of the weekday boxes that you see measure 3cm x 4.5 cm, and the weekend boxes are the same but split in half.  These monthly pages also retain the weekends to the right format instead of book-ending your Saturday and Sunday each week.


Following the twelve month two page splits for each month, the Baron Fig Confidant Planner evolves into a weekly planner with each week split across two pages.  The top portion is shaded a nice soft grey with the month indicated on the left and on the right you will find the year as well as the week number.  Each of the boxes for weekdays in the weekly layout measure 5″ across by 2 1/8″ high.  The end of each weekly page has the weekends split in half, again following the same format as the monthly layout.


Here is a closer look of the weekly numbering found at the top of the page that I mentioned above.  There is also a grey shading on the right edge of each page to show the month.  The addition of these grey markings make it easier to quickly flip to a given month.  The Baron Fig Confidant Planner also comes with a soft grey page finder ribbon for a more precise way to navigate to a specific page.

Baron Fig Confidant Planner – Surprise Ending


Now we can take a look at that nice little surprise ending that I mentioned in the first paragraph of the review.  At the end of tall of the calendar and planner pages, there are two dark grey sheets to section off what is essentially a blank 28 page notebook behind your planner.  The pages are dot grid which I personally struggle with, but I know a ton of folks love them so I can’t knock it as the choice for ruling here.  Either way I just think its great to be able to have your notes in the same physical packaging as your calendar.  Of the 28 blank pages in the back of the planner, 12 of them are perforated for easy removal.


Kudos to our friends at Baron Fig for another incredibly well done product that will hopefully help all of us get off to a good start and eventual finish for our 2017 planning.  You can grab one for yourself on the Baron Fig website here, or who knows, maybe there will be a giveaway shortly since I have a ton of 2017 planners to review.

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