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Baron Fig Confidant Work Play


Baron Fig Work Play Box

I’m a bit behind in items to review, but the great folks from Baron Fig are always so generous in providing review samples of their awesome new limited edition Confidant notebooks.  Today we have the recently released Work Play Limited Edition of the Confidant notebook (via BaronFig) to take a closer look at.


Baron Fig Work Play Box Work

One of the great things about the Baron Fig limited edition notebooks is the effort and thought that goes into the design and boxes.  To date, I’m almost always as impressed by the box as I am by the quality of their notebooks.  Above you see the top of the box with “Work” boldly printed on it.


Baron Fig Work Play Box Play

On the bottom of the box the word “Play” is splattered on in a paint brush style font.  I think the artwork on the box although not very intricate is fun and really creates a bit of excitement around the Baron Fig limited edition journals.


Baron Fig Work Play Insert

Besides the box, Baron Fig Confidant journals always have a cool insert that is a pretty hefty stock that explains and supports the motif of the journal.  In this case, the Baron Fig Work / Play journal is half for work and half for play, hence the dot grid pattern on the left side pages and the blank pages on the right side.  It’s important to note that the actual color of the dot grid patter on the insert card pictured above is a bit darker than the dot grid pattern in the journal itself.


Baron Fig Work Play Ribbon

The Baron Fig Work Play limited edition journal  has a white page finder ribbon, which is probably the only nit-pick that I have with with this journal.  As a “page finder” my initial thought was just that it should be a color that has a strong contrast against the pages that it is helping you to navigate through.  In the photo above you can see the white page finder ribbon as well as the dot grid pattern on the left (notice the lighter color dots than the insert card) and the blank page on the right.


Baron Fig Work Play Writing Sample

You can see a more detailed review of the Baron Fig Confidant journal that we previously did, but in this case the paper handles fountain pen ink well on the surface without feathering, but the back did suffer from a good deal of show through.  The thing I like about the layout of this notebook is that its great for serious note taking on one side, and doodling on the other side.  I’ve got plenty of work notes that have pages full of mixed writing and doodling, but its nice to be able to separate the two out with the Work Play journal.


Baron Fig Work Play Perforated Pages and Writing Sample

I forgot to mention the cover of the Baron Fig Work Play journal, which has is a simple black textured cloth.  Also, like other Confidant journals has 12 perforated pages for easy removal in the back.  I used to not really care about this feature, but I’ve come to really value it for review purposes and it just seems like a simple feature that everyone should add for some additional flexibility in how people use notebooks or journals.  Check out the Baron Fig Work Play Confidant limited edition journal via BaronFig and grab one of these great journals to enjoy for yourself.

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