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Baron Fig Infinity Limited Edition Vanguard Quick Look

Our friends over at Baron Fig always make sure we have their newest stuff in hand to take a look at, and today we have their brand new Baron Fig Infinity Limited Edition Vanguard notebooks (buy via Baron Fig) to share with you.  These are a limited edition and are part of the Baron Fig quarterly subscription service.

baron-fig-infinity-limited-edition-vanguard-covers-1024x529-4843939Each cover of the Baron Fig Infinity Limited Edition Vanguard has a sort of infinite geometric shape on the cover.  The shapes themselves range from a pink to light purple color while the cover itself is more of a deep purple or plum color.  The notebooks measure 5.4″x7.7″ and have 72 pages of dot grid formatted paper for your creative writing to fill up.  The dot gray grid formatting on each of these falls against the backdrop of an eggshell color paper.


In a very nice contrast to the dark purple cover of the Baron Fig Infinity Limited Edition Vanguard, the threaded binding is a nice pink color that really jumps out at you.  For some reason I’ve always been a huge fan of the double stitched binding for the first few stitches of the top and bottom binding on the Baron Fig Vanguard.  I think its a nice little extra touch that probably adds a little to the quality of these even if its overkill.


The front and back inside covers of the Baron Fig Infinity Limited Edition Vanguard have a much larger print of the corresponding cover geometric shape on it.  Instead of being on a black background though, the shape remains various shades of pink and purple.  These are pretty awesome looking notebooks and definitely worth grabbing if the dot grid and soft cover format work for what you are currently in the market for.  Check them out at the Baron Fig website right here and snag a few for yourself, or subscribe to their quarterly package and get a nice surprise every few months!

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