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Baron Fig Metamorphosis Limited Edition Confidant


Our friends at Baron Fig are on a roll with all of their new limited edition and subscription items as of late, and they have been kind enough to send us samples so we can share them with you here.  The box is shown above with its great looking art work which you can see more of once we crack this sucker open and take a closer look.  You can find the Baron Fig Metamorphosis here on the Baron Fig website.


The cloth cover of the Baron Fig Metamorphosis Confidant Limited Edition is a nice shade of a peachy or coral color that has sort of a summery look and feel to it.  I’ve always liked the small imperfections or little nubs where you can see a small lump in the fibers of the material, you can see a few if you look closely at the cover in the above picture.  It gives the journals a raw but also individual look.


I really love the colors on the inside cover of this limited edition Confidant.  That coral peach makes for an awesome contrast to the cobalt blue on both the front and back inside cover. The page finder ribbon that you will see shortly is also the same color.


The Baron Fig Metamorphosis Confidant Limited Edition comes with 192 dot grid ruled pages, and here is a look at the page finder as promised.  You can also see that the limited edition confidant retains its nice lay flat properties.


Flip over to the back cover and you have some Baron Fig branding on the inside and more of the very simple but vividly colored design elements.  I love that the branding on this is on the inside rather than being on the outside to ruin the minimalist look of their journals.


As always the limited edition also comes with a nice little slip sheet with some inspirational words and more of the awesome art work that defines the theme for the edition.  If you head on over to the Baron Fig site and look at the Metamorphosis page here, you can either order this individually, or sign up for their new subscription service so you don’t have to wait and risk missing out on their next new release.

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