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Baron Fig Minimal Backpack Messenger and Tote

Our friends at Baron Fig have an awesome new product that they just announced via their new Kickstarter campaign.  The campaign introduces three new bags, The Backpack, The Messenger, and The tote.  Each bag is a minimalist design that is made with weatherproof canvas, and is available in either the charcoal or fig wine colorway.  You can take a look at the Baron Fig bags campaign here.

I’ve always been a backpack or messenger bag kind of guy, so those are the two that caught my eye first.  Since I don’t actually have samples in hand, I’m just going by the photos, video, and what I’ve read on the Kickstarter campaign description and comments section.  The first thing I noticed about the backpacks was the obvious minimalist design and the smooth clean lines.  Between those obvious features and the somewhat rectangular shape with rounded corners and textured surface of the cloth, the backpacks are visually on similar to the Baron Fig Confidant notebooks.

For my money this right here is the coolest feature of the bunch.  The Baron Fig Backpack actually has an open flat design, just like their notebooks! Pretty awesome and its not just a gimmick, that actually looks like it would be helpful for working out of the bag while you are on the go.

The other interesting thing about all of the bags in the Baron Fig bag campaign is the amount of research they did trying to identify all of the key features people need in a bag and distilling those features into their three offerings.  Of note, they found that many people were actually carrying around bags with lots of empty space in them, so they took took advantage of this knowledge and designed the Baron Fig Backpack with a slim profile.  Inside its got padded pockets for laptops and notebooks as well as space for other accessories, so its not like there is limited space in here.  There are PLENTY of other features in here so I’d highly recommend checking out the Kickstarter page for this right here, just scroll down for that additional detail.

Like I said, the Baron Fig backpack is probably the one of these three that is more my speed, although the messenger bag is a very close second.  Although I wasn’t in the market for a new bag, I’m tempted here knowing the attention to detail and high quality product that the team at Baron Fig puts out, so I’ll have to give some serious thought to possibly backing one of the two.  If you are looking for a new bag these are definitely a great option to consider, you should especially check out all of the different features that were introduced as a result of the thought and research that was used to come up with these great looking bags.  Check out the Kickstarter here.

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