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Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes

I’ve been on a bit of a kick with Baron Fig products lately because they are great at sharing new products with all of the stationery bloggers to get the word out.  One thing that I somehow missed though are these Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes (via Baron Fig) so I purchased a set recently to get a better look.

As you can see from the back of the Baron Fig Nomad Sticky note package therea are a few key details to be aware of with these:

  • They measure 3″ x 3″ square
  • Each pad has 70 sheets
  • Each pack has 3 pads
  • Format is Dot Grid
  • 210 total sheets per package
  • Rounded corners

A close up of the pads show that each one has a light grey dot grid pattern on the surface of the egg shell toned sheets of sticky notes.  Personally this format has always been a mystery for me and I haven’t conquered writing on or using the dot grid for anything.  I say this because on this even smaller format I’m even more at a loss of how to best use them.  Some folks love the format though so I’m not knocking it, just that its not ideal for me.

I do love the rounded corners on these because so many sticky notes have squared corners which tend to get banged up and snagged on things fairly often.  Another positive note is that the re-sticky factor on these is pretty strong.  I was able to apply and remove one sticky note 50 times with seemingly little loss of adhesive capabilities.  This is all assuming you do it on a fairly clean and flat surface though so your mileage may vary.

In my writing sample above on the Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Notes, you can see that I struggle to keep my writing in a straight line.  You will be best served to stick with ballpoint pens, gel ink, and pencil as fountain pens and anything with a more liquid or really wet ink did bleed through to the next sheet in some occasions.  You can check them out over on the Baron Fig website if you think this format will work for you.

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