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Baron Fig Raspberry Honey

Its time to take a look at yet another of the Baron Fig limited edition releases, this time its a new version of their Confidant journal,the Raspberry Honey.  The art work on the box that you see above is pretty awesome, and it comes with a story book which I’ll show you a little later. Thanks to our friends at Baron Fig for sharing this new limited edition version with us to share with you.  You can check it out here at the Baron Fig website.

The cover of the Baron Fig Raspberry Honey has a dark red tactile feeling bookcloth cover with  honeybees embossed into it.  The color reminds me more of a cranberry color than the truer red of a raspberry, but either way, it a very nice shade of red that really jumps out with the embossed honeybees.

If you take a closer look you can really see the details of the honeybees on the Baron Fig Raspberry Honey cover.  The covers on the Baron Fig Confidant Journals usually have a pretty nice feel to them just because of the bookcloth covers.  Its possible that I’m just easily impressed, but it surprised me how much detail can go into the honeybees on the Baron Fig Raspberry Honey covers if you look closely at them.

For whatever reason, I really love the artwork on the box of the Baron Fig Raspberry Honey edition, so luckily its found on the front and back inside covers.  When it comes to something like a Moleskine or Rhodia journal, you can usually print something on the cover, but due to the tactile and porous finish of the bookcloth covers on the Baron Fig journals, its probably much harder to print patterns on the.  The positive is that its obviously not terribly difficult to print patterns or designs onto the inside covers.

So now the Baron Fig limited editions have something interesting going for them, and it reminds me a little of the surprises with Field Notes quarterly editions.  In this case they added a short story to the edition in the form of small 15 page booklet.

The story and the illustrations have a very folksy feel to them and it was certainly a nice little surprise.  I think thats what makes subscribing to a quarterly release like this so much fun.  You never know what to expect, and even if its not something you may have been looking to purchase if you were buying these individually, the surprise factor must makes them really enjoyable.  Kudos to Baron Fig and the fun that they are creating with these quarterly releases, I cant wait to see whats in store for the next release.  If you want grab one of these great looking and unique journals for yourself, you can do so here at the Baron Fig website.

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