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Baron Fig Squire Experiment Limited Edition


The very generous folks at Baron Fig put their newest subscription/limited edition Squire in my hands a few days ago so I could do a review, and a funny thing happened.  It sold out before I could even get all the pictures taken and write about it to share here.  I still wanted to share the pictures and give my thoughts on the Baron Fig Squire Experiment limited edition though because quite frankly, the pen is gorgeous and if its an indication of things to come, I’d definitely consider signing up for their quarterly subscription plan so you don’t miss out if the next one sells out as quickly as this one did.


When I saw the package for the Baron Fig Squire Experiment, I was pretty enthused because I loved the bright white package and the vibrant green print, it had a bit of an energy to it that really had me wanting to crack it open to see what was inside. I was hopeful that the pen itself would live up to what I was feeling about the packaging, and I was not at all disappointed.  The bright “Nuclear Green” color of the aluminum body is amazing.  Its got a “glow” to it I guess you could say if you want to stick with the “nuclear” imagery here.


The Baron Fig Squire Experiment is based off the standard Baron Fig Squire body which is made entirely of aluminum with some branding and logos etched into the body.  Its an incredibly well balanced pen that feels amazing in the hand.  The balance is one thing, but the silky smooth feel of the aluminum body that tapers towards the base to make gripping it much more comfortable also provides a very sleek and minimalist look.


On the side of the barrel that doesn’t display the test tube logo, the standard “Baron Fig” branding is etched in white into the aluminum body of the pen.  The pen itself is 5 inches long, and the top nub is about a quarter of an inch and with a clockwise twist exposes the tip of the pen.


With this close up of the Baron Fig Squire Experiment you can see two things.  First of all you can get a look at the tiny but smooth grooves in the aluminum body of the pen, and you can also see that the tip of the pen shows the matching green ink that the pen comes loaded with.  You can get a closer look at the ink in the writing sample below.

Baron Fig Squire Experiment Writing Sample


I don’t always use green ink for my regular writing, its usually relegated to marking up documents or flagging reports and charts that I often find myself buried in at work.  I love the fact that this green ink is just as vibrant as the body’s Nuclear Green color.  When I realized that this pen used green ink instead of the standard black ink that I’ve been accustomed to in other Squire pens, I was curious to see if it performed as well.  Lo and behold, it was just as smooth flowing, skip free, and non-clumpy as its black counterpart.  I’ve been using the pen for some short note writing sessions and I would say that about 85% to 90% of the time there is absolutely no tip rattle while writing, but I did pick up a hint of rattle on a few rare occasions.


I really can’t say enough good things about the Baron Fig Squire Experiment Limited Edition.  The amazing vibrant color of the body and ink plus the awesome writing experience that comes from the standard Squire chassis makes this pen a must have.  Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier though, its sold out.  Although the good folks at Baron Fig do make sure we get their newest products here for review, I have zero idea about whats coming next for their Q3 limited edition Squire.  I can however say that if the Baron Fig Squire Experiment is a sign of things to come, it might be worth grabbing a subscription (you can do so here) so you don’t miss out on the next release.

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