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Baron Fig Squire Pen

So the folks behind the awesome Baron Fig notebook have been working (for 14 months) on designing a great new pen.  That is a ton of time and effort from a team that has been successful at building a pretty fantastic notebook, so it will be great to see if their expertise in notebooks translates to the world of pens now too with their first pen project, the Baron Fig Squire on Kickstarter.

Besides having its weight centered in a way to keep it from feeling top heavy and having a very minimalist design, it also has a unique tapered design that gets wider as you work from top to bottom in order to prevent slippage while you write.  Its worth noting that with their notebooks they have a focus on continual improvement and working in customer feedback to improve the overall quality of their product, so the same can be expected for the Baron Fig Squire pen too.  The Baron Fig Squire will be made from high-grade aluminum and precision engineered which will make for a pretty solid pen I’m sure.  It will also have a custom .6mm black Baron Fig ink cartridge with the phrase “The Pen is a Mighty Sword” on the barrel, but can also be refilled using Parker style capless rollerball refills.

I love the simple color choices, Silver or Charcoal with Charcoal being my favorite, but I really love the sword logo, you know to remind you of that whole “the pen is mightier” quote.    The pen is also a unique size, being shorter than an average pen but longer than some compact pocket pens.  This looks like a well done and well thought out pen which is exactly what the folks at Baron Fig have come to be known for with their notebooks, so I’m looking forward to seeing how their pen delivers.  Check it out along with the video and a ton of other details over on the Kickstarter campaign page and give some thought to supporting the pen and a bunch of folks who are dedicated to make their impact by improving the overall writing and journaling landscape.

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