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Baron Fig Unfinish Limited Edition Confidant

One of the new limited edition releases from Baron Fig is this Confidant, the Unfinish which has a bit of an interactive element to it that works around your notes or can just be used for creative purposes.   Thanks to our friends at Baron Fig for sending this one over for the review, so lets take a closer look.  You can pick up your new Baron Fig Unfinish right here at the Baron Fig website.

The turquoise bookcloth cover of the Baron Fig Unfinish Limited Edition Confidant has a subtle impressed “Have fun” message printed on the bottom right corner.  THe way the light catches the text in my picture above makes it look like the lettering is painted, but it is not, its just got a slight gloss to it likely due to the process of pressing it into the cover material.  All of the features from the lay flat binding to the rounded corners, several perforated pages, and quality paper all carry over into the limited edition here.

When you crack open the Baron Fig Unfinish Limited Edition Confidant you are presented with un-ruled pages that have a fun addition, many of the pages have illustrated images that are incomplete.  In the one above you see the cover art which is a person in a space suit as well as about half the earth.  The premise behind this notebook is that it kind of gives you a creative push to finish the picture.  One could decide to go nuts and do a highly detailed rendering of the left out part to complete the image, or you can just run away with it and sketch in something crazy and/or obviously just take notes around it too.

I quickly dusted off my rudimentary grade school lever art skills and dove in on the first page I flipped open to, which was a pair of animal antlers with a space between them.  Most people might have been tempted to draw in the rest of the animal, but since my art skills are so limited I had to go with a cartoon face, bonus points for anyone who can name the cartoon character that its loosely based off of, and no its not my website logo even though they do both have a bow tie. 🙂  Anyway, these are actually pretty fun to have strewn about because they definitely open up the possibility for being a little creative.  Its also interesting because if you do use these to take notes in, they might also help you to better remember your notes.  The reason I say that is because often time when you associate some knowledge or writing with an image it makes it easier to recall later.

One other fun little detail that goes with the Unfinish theme is the front inside cover where you can usually put your name. It takes kind of a Mad-Libs approach and encourages you to fill out an adjective and noun of your liking.  I was contemplating being Brian of the Snazzy Stationery, but I’ll keep noodling on that one.  Thanks again to Baron Fig not just for the free sample for the review, but for the honest effort in bringing something fun and new into what is usually just a plain (or dot grid….or ruled) world. 🙂  Grab yours here!

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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