Basic Beliefs Of Jehovah's Witness

Jehovah’s Witness are a branch of Christianity. Believers call their version of Christianity and interpretation of the bible “the Truth”. They believe in God, but not the Holy Trinity, as well as maintain that Christ was not an incarnation of God (who goes by the name of Jehovah to them) himself.

The basic belief of Jehovah’s Witness is that Jesus Christ is not Jehovah himself, but Jehovah’s perfect son. He was born through virgin birth and led a perfect life by living in complete accordance to his father, or Gods’, word. In the end, his sacrifice and resurrection made salvation to eternal life possible for those who have faith in him, and he is now the Lord of the Kingdom.

To Jehovah’s Witness, the Kingdom is defined as eternal life on earth, only achieved after the death of human kind. Jehovah’s Witness strongly believe in the apocalypse. After this event, those who have been judged righteous will be resurrected, mind and body, to live on a perfect earth. Those who have been deemed unrighteous will not be eternally subjected to damnation, but instead plainly cease to exist. There is no immortality of the soul in Jehovah’s Witness beliefs. When death comes, that is the end until the apocalypse, when only the righteous souls will live in a perfect world amongst other righteous souls.

Jehovah’s Witness are known for a variety of behaviors that might be deemed strange by people unfamiliar with the religion. For one thing, they call the commonly known God by the name Jehovah, and claim this is His real name. More notably, Jehovah’s Witness do not celebrate common things such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. because Jehovah himself did not celebrate these occasions. For a Jehovah’s Witness, all these so-called holidays are false and made up by other corrupt religions, and the celebration of these events will only anger Jehovah (God).

Jehovah’s Witness often gets ridiculed and called a “cult” religion by people who know nothing about it. This comes mainly from their extended efforts to spread the word about their faith. However, that assumption is unfair. They dress up in nice clothes to walk around and hand out information as a dedicated way to talk to others about their belief. Jehovah’s Witness have complete and unwavering faith in Christ as their savior. By walking around speaking out about their beliefs, they prove just how much faith they have.

At the core of their belief, Jehovah’s Witness live in exact accordance to the word of God (the bible). This makes their religion pretty strict when it comes to issues such as abortion and homosexuality, yet at the same time strictly peaceful as well. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not partake in armies due to their belief that they are a citizen of Jehovah’s kingdom, not the country they have residence in. For the same reason, Jehovah’s Witness do not vote or involve themselves in politics. This comes from the example set by Jesus of being “no part of the world”.

This religion encourages peace and harmony amongst everyone, no matter their beliefs or backgrounds. They do not interfere with others and their choices, and that is the most God-like thing anyone can do. Jehovah’s Witness really do practice what they preach.


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