Bathing Suits to Compliment Plus Size Styles


Authored by Abigail Beal in Clothing
Published on 03-23-2009

What woman doesn’t stress out about buying a new bathing suit? Bathing suit shopping is something that many women dread. But there are some great bathing suit styles that compliment that plus size figure. Choosing these bathing suits means you’ll be a real bathing beauty at the beach, pool party or in your backyard.

But today you don’t have to have an anxiety attack when it comes to selecting your bathing suit. There are lots of choices that compliment every woman’s figure and style. You can easily find a bathing suit you’ll love for the summer or that exotic vacation you are taking. Having a bathing suit you love has so many benefits. For one thing it gives you a lot of confidence. When you look good – you know it. When you know you just don’t look your best you really feel it and you don’t feel like going out as often. You deserve to have a bathing suit that you love.

Go for colors that compliment your coloring and personality. It used to be that bathing suits only came in a few basic colors. Today bathing suits are available in so many more colors. You can easily find a bathing suit to compliment your coloring. Some women may be drawn to the brighter colors – other women may love the pastels – and still others may love the classics like black, white, basic red, blue or green. No matter which color you choose, make it a color that makes you glow.

Select a pattern ideal for your figure. There are two great ways to go with patterns when looking for a plus size bathing suit. Look for a small print — or look for a large one. Medium sized prints tend to simply make you look larger than you even are. Large prints compliment your size and look bold and graphic. Small prints look dainty and feminine. Choose the one you like the most – every woman will have a favorite.

Many women like the tankini for its modern style and comfort. The tankini is a mix between a one-piece bathing suit and a bikini that doesn’t show very much skin. The tankini has a modern and sporty look. The tankini has become popular with many women as this is a comfortable suit to wear. Some tankinis come with skirts and others come with short bottoms or simply bathing suit bottoms. You have many choices.

Lots of women will select the classic bathing suit with a skirt. This bathing suit style is feminine and has soft lines. Women with pear shaped bodies will especially appreciate the benefits of wearing a bathing suit with a skirt. Many women have found the new bathing suits with skirts that have a modern and sporty look to be very appealing. Some have the look of a sarong. There are a variety of different kinds of bathing suits with the skirt on them.

One of the best tips for looking great in your bathing suit for anyone – no matter their size – is to have a bit of a tan. This has become so much easier to obtain with the self-tanning lotions available on the market today. Try rubbing some self-tanning lotion on several days before you are going to the beach or pool party. You’ll look great in your bathing suit – no matter the style you choose!


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