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Bathtub Liner to make your Existing Bathtub look new

Bathtub liners are thin linings which are made of acrylic material or hard plastic. They fit perfectly over the existing bathtub fixtures. If your bathtub is looking unattractive, you can use bathtub liner that gives a quick and easy coverage to the unpleasant look. The most popular type of bathtub liner is acrylic. This type of bathtub liner is very durable and has the appearance and feel of a ceramic bathtub. The installation of a bathtub liner is easy and also not that expensive in comparison with the renovation of a whole bathroom.

Acrylic bathtub liner is to be found in several colors. Bathtub liners are very easy and simple to clean and maintain. Do you know that you can save considerable amount of money and time with the installation of bathtub liner rather than replacing the existing old bathtub? Bathtub liners are mainly installed over old bathtubs that have slight cosmetic damages like discoloration and stains but still function fair. You should know that a bathtub liner cannot fix a cracked bathtub.

Acrylic bathtub liners are safe for use. This type of hard surface floorliner does not contain any ingredients that are harsh and harmful for skin and health. You may think that the size of the existing bathtub may change due to the installation of bathtub liner but this is the case to worry about. Bathtub liners are applied in a single piece and their thickness is just a quarter of an inch.

The proper installation of bathtub liner is of utmost necessity as improper installation of bathtub liner can lead to damage due to leakage of water. That is why a licensed contractor should be hired to install bathtub liner. You can find licensed contractors through many home improvement stores. At first, the contractor takes the measurements of the existing bathtub and then proceeds with the job of the bathtub liner.

Bathtub liners can be found at all local hardware stores and major home improvement stores.  You can also look online for bathtub liners. You should choose the color of the bathtub liner that goes well with the color of your existing bathtub and the overall décor of your bathroom.

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