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BBR announces ‘Super 180’ upgrade for MX5

  • By Anthony Blascara
  • Published 11/30/2012

Legendary Mazda performance tuner BBR is pleased to announce an exciting engine tuning package for 2005 onwards MX-5 Mk3 / 3.5 sports car models.

Designed to meet the demand for a lower cost engine upgrade that delivers extra response, power, driveability and excitement, the BBR ‘Super 180’ package produces a substantial performance increase at a more readily affordable price than BBR’s awesome MX-5 supercharger upgrades.

Back to back dyno testing with the standard 158bhp 2.0i Mazda MX-5 shows that the BBR ‘Super 180’ gains a considerable 22bhp, taking peak power to a maximum of 179.8bhp at 6800 rpm.

As with all the engine conversions developed by the firm, BBR’s work has focussed on ensuring that the ‘Super 180’ package produces power gains throughout the rev range, without detracting from the user-friendly nature of the car. Extensive dyno testing has proven that power gains start from just 1750rpm and build progressively up to the 7500rpm rev limiter.

Likewise, BBR has placed great emphasis on extracting more torque from the MX-5’s 2.0-litre, 16-valve powerplant to ensure that driveability and throttle response are superior to the standard car. Highlighting the flexible performance of the upgrade, the ‘Super 180’ equipped 2.0i MX-5 produces an impressive 27 Nm (20 lb.ft) more than the original, with peak torque of 159lb.ft arriving at just 4250rpm, some 750rpm lower than the stock car

The extra performance realised by the BBR ‘Super 180’ does not come at the expense of noise. Throughout the development program BBR has placed great emphasis on developing a bespoke stainless steel exhaust system that reduces back pressure to a minimum without the negative ‘droning’ associated with many aftermarket exhaust systems. The end result is a top quality BBR branded ‘Grand Tourer’ exhaust that manages to produce a pleasant note that’s subtle, sporting and allows MX-5 owners to tackle long distance motorway driving in confidence. Clever design of the tailpipes means that they are adjustable to accommodate different bumper options or aftermarket bodykits on both Mk3 / Mk3.5 models.

On the road the extra torque, power and throttle response combine to produce an upgraded MX-5 that feels much quicker and far more willing, more eager and more exciting to drive than ever before – whatever the traffic or road conditions.

Careful optimisation by BBR of the cars ECU mapping parameters, allied to the greater flow efficiencies of the package’s hardware and the additional torque on tap means that a ‘Super 180’ equipped MX-5 is more economical than the standard car if driven in a ‘like for like’ manner. As part of this process BBR deactivates the standard exhaust gas recycling system to reduce engine inlet temperatures, purify the intake charge and further improve fuel efficiency.

Priced at just £1995.00 fully installed on a drive-in, drive-out basis, the BBR ‘Super 180’ package is the perfect for 2.0i MX-5 owners seeking a quality upgrade backed by the peerless reputation of the Europe’s leading Mazda performance tuner.

A DIY version of the ‘Super 180’ package is also available priced at £1895.00. The DIY option includes a ProEcu hardware/software bundle which can be uploaded remotely for export customers.

About the Author : Anthony Blascara is writing about Sports cars



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