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BBR launch supercharger conversions for MX5

  • By Anthony Blascara
  • Published 11/30/2012

Tuners BBR have announced some exciting new additions to its successful range of BBR-Cosworth supercharger conversions that offer even more performance options for discerning MX-5 roadster owners. Over the last twelve months BBR has continued to develop its potent supercharger package further, with the twin goals of extracting additional engine power from the iconic sportscar and expanding the fitment possibilities to include all of the 2005 onwards 124 bhp 1.8i and 158 bhp 2.0i Mk3 / 3.5 models. The fruits of this process are now ready to be released, because BBR can now offer two distinct stages of supercharger upgrades with power outputs up to a sensational 258 bhp.

BBR utilises extensively modified Cosworth developed hardware as the basis for the conversions and this in turn, has required a lengthy development process to accommodate the detail differences between the different Mk3 / 3.5 variants. In addition BBR has a revised the crucial engine management side of the MX-5 Mk3 / 3.5 conversion, replacing the ‘piggy back’ Interceptor unit with a Starchip developed remap that optimises the Mazda’s OEM ECU to the engine parameters required for forced induction. This offers a second advantage because customers electing to purchase DIY fitment versions of the BBR-Cosworth conversion can be supplied with a PROECU software/hardware bundle for DIY OBDII port ECU programming and data logging to allow remote installation of the kit for export markets.

BR’s extensive controlled conditions dyno testing proves that the BBR-Cosworth Stage Two upgrade substantially increases power and torque in comparison to the Stage One upgrade. For example, the smaller capacity 1.8i MX-5 produces an amazing 107 bhp gain at 7000 rpm, raising peak power to 231 bhp – approaching double the factory quoted power output of 124 bhp.

The BBR-Cosworth Stage Two supercharger conversion for Mk3 / Mk3.5 MX-5 models is on sale now, priced at £6395.00 excluding VAT, installed at BBR’s Brackley premises on a drive in – drive out basis. The DIY fitment option for export customers is priced at £5455.00 excluding VAT.

About the Author: Anthony Blascara is writing about the Roadster



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