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Be aware, slide phone users

  • By Mary Wilcoxon
  • Published 12/2/2010
  • Sample Category

Slide phones are quite popular nowadays, especially among young people. Comparing to bar phones and flip phones, they enjoy incomparable advantages. Slide phones are easy to operate, portable to carry and extremely stylish in appearance. However, in order to keep them in good repair, a good habit of using them should be formed. Speaking of protecting cell phones, whether slide phones or phones of other kinds, the first thing we need pay attention to is the screen. The screen of cell phones is like the face of us humans. In order to protect it from being scratched or getting dirty, it is strongly advised that screensavers be attached. Next thing concerns about the keys. Obviously, frequent press of the keys will shorten their life expectancy. Every time you touch the keys, there is friction between your fingers and the keys. The damage the small friction can do to the keys every time might not be significant. Yet after a long time of accumulation, it could be disastrous. So in order to protect the keys from wearing out, using touch pens to write instead of pressing the keys to input would be a good idea. If your slide phone doesn’t have the handwriting function, then you’d have to watch out the frequency of pressing the keys. Since slide phones are not quite shatter-proof, putting them at safe places seems quite important. Avoid putting them at such places as the corner of a table or beds. Be particularly careful when unplugging charging cables for you’d be sorry if it falls off your hands and break down. Besides, best not to take them to toilets, rivers or something in case it falls down. Apart from above concerns, the priority should be given to cables which connect the body of the phone to the slide. It is exactly the cables that make the portability of slide phones possible. As we know, many slide phones will “pop out” their keypad segments as soon as the user begins to slide the phone apart. However, frequent slides will raise the possibility of breakdown. So, as long as it’s not absolutely necessary, such as answering calls and reading texts, it is recommended not to use the slides. Also, if you’re going to use your slide phone continuously for a long time, there would be no need for you to slide off it. In the case that you have to slide it on and off every now and then, do it as slightly as possible. Don’t let the slide jump to its end by itself. Instead, use your hand to push it to the end slowly and steadily. One more thing, never play with the slides! Don’t ever try to slide it on and off without purpose. All in all, good things always need meticulous cares. As long as you take good care of them, you can enjoy the pleasure of owning a new and cool slide phone. Meanwhile, it will help increase your glamour and add confidence to you as well.



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