Bear Safety Making Your Campsite Scent Free

Camping is a time to sit back and enjoy nature. Although seeing wild animals is a great experience, you want to make sure to keep your distance. For safety purposes, you should make sure that animals do the same. Most bears approach campsites due to the smell of food. You want to make your campsite as scent free as possible to protect from bears and other wildlife.

Make sure that food is never left out. All food should be placed in airtight, animal proof containers. Avoid plastic bags and containers. Bears are going to rip these open. Lock your containers in your trunk if you are not 100% sure they are bear proof. If for some reason this is impossible, you can use plastic bags. After placing your food in the bags, tie the food between two trees. You should place food at least 12 feet from your tent and off the ground.

Bears will have fewer chances of being attracted to your camp if it is clean. Garbage needs to be thrown away in approved garbage bins. If you are in a very remote area, garbage can be tied up in trees away from your campsite. Make sure to take trash when you leave so that it is disposed of properly. Never toss garbage into the fire. This will only carry scent to bears and other wildlife. Make sure all cooking equipment is cleaned thoroughly. Any dishwater that is used needs to be disposed of away from camp. You will want to dig a hole, pour the water and then cover it back up with dirt. This will ensure that the scent is not immediately on the surface of the ground.

Bears are attracted to human scents as well. Change all clothing before bedtime, bag it, and lock it in your vehicle’s trunk. Again, if that is not an option, get it away from your immediate campsite. It is especially important to do this if you have been cooking in the clothes that you wore during the day.

Make sure you are prepared. Bears can smell from a very long distance. Any strong smell can grab the attention of a bear. This includes personal hygiene items. Do not keep these items in your immediate camping site. Any item that has a distinct odor should be kept away from your campsite.

Prepare yourself for the event that bears will not stay away. Your efforts may not always be enough. You can keep bear spray handy. You can also obtain a bear gun through many camping areas that are frequented by bears. These do not harm bears they only create loud noise. Bears dislike loud noises.

Wildlife is a wonderful thing to experience. You need to be prepared for your own safety. When you camp, you are sharing your space with all wildlife. Do your part by not attracting these animals to the point that it may be unsafe. Bears are intelligent animals that have an intense curiosity.


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