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Beautiful ladies’ footwear adds great style to one’s outfit

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  • Published 02/15/2011
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There are countless styles of women’s footwear in the fashion world and women are always on the endless hunt of gorgeous shoes. As one of the most important fashion accessories, shoes play a crucial role in completing one’s outfit. Among all these different types of women’s shoes, sandals, boots, high heels, and flats are the most common and popular styles.SandalsSandals are the most popular ladies footwear in summer. These lovely and exquisite sandals are available in various designs and colors. Usually, sandals have flat heels but some of them have high heels. This kind of shoes can be worn with both formal and casual ensembles. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts.Boots

Trendy boots can add a touch of elegance and poise to one’s style. This kind of footwear is especially popular in cool or cold seasons. They can not only make one look stylish but also keep feet warm. Different types of boots are available in the online

markets. Boots are available in different styles which include knee high and thigh high boots. The knee high boots made of black leather are quite impressive and considered an important accessory in any woman’s wardrobe.HeelsHigh heels are favored by almost every woman. They are available in different types which include various styles and heights. The stilettos, pumps and chunky heels are some of the most common types of heels. Stilettos have pointed toes and very high heels which are quite narrow. These heels are more than four inches in height. Pump heels have pointed or rounded toe. It has a tapered heel which is two to three inches high. The chunky heels are comfortable to wear compared to narrow heels.FlatsCompared with other types of women’s footwear, flats are one of the most comfortable footwear as they are quite versatile and can compliment any type of outfit. These are a type of shoes without any heels. It can be worn with casuals and formals such as trousers. It blends well with outfits such as jeans, skirts and dresses.



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