Become a Gentleman Host on a Cruise Ship

Jobs on cruise ships are always fun. Traveling the world and taking in new sights every day is really something amazing. For people who love making the most of every day and traveling around the globe, this is the perfect career idea. Becoming a gentleman host on a cruise ship is a great idea. Comparing this position to others available on a cruise ship, it is definitely usually harder to find available spots as they are often not as publicly advertised. There are ways to find out and apply for these jobs however, even though it may take a bit more effort.

The first step to becoming a gentleman host on a cruise ship is to take the time to find out a bit more about the position, what it is all about. It is really important to be aware of the requirements before applying for such a position. There are a few basic tasks that gentleman hosts need to take care of when they are working on a cruise ship. They are there to help out the guests as they board, and make sure that they are able to find everything they need while they are onboard.

They are there as social hosts, to even out the male to female ratio, as there are usually many more women who go on cruise ships than there are men. This way all the women will have a dance partner and social acquaintance available even if they happened to travel alone. While the required skills to apply for this position vary, there are a few basics that for the most part must be covered.

Having dancing skills is almost always necessary. Knowing a variety of dances including the waltz, fox trot, swing and formal dances is important. One of the most popular activities to partake in on a cruise ship is dancing, so being comfortable with this is important. The basic point is to be there as a good social sidekick for any women, at any time.

In terms of salary, gentleman hosts on cruise ships get paid quite well. Besides the general salary and any possible benefits, there are also many other advantages to this position. Of course there is the luxury of being able to travel around to some of the most exotic and beautiful locations in the world. Cruise ships go back and forth from some of the most amazing places. Cuba, Florida, Alaska and the Bahamas are just a few of the most favored cruise locations.

To apply for a gentleman host on a cruise ship position, the best place to begin the search is online. Almost all cruise ship companies have websites and this is where available job listings will be found. Most of the time the entire application process can be completed right online, making it very easy and convenient.

Becoming a gentleman host on a cruise ship is a very unique idea. This job is one that not many people may consider right away as a career but which can be so incredibly fulfilling. Especially but not limited to retired men, becoming a gentlemen host on a cruise ship is a wonderful job.


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