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Becoming a More Effective Writer in College

  • By Tommy Greene
  • Published 09/28/2011
  • Article Writing

One of the most valuable skills that a person can develop in the college setting is that of writing. This skill is going to be something that is stressed in college, because of its weight and importance in the real world. No matter what people end up going into, they will need to be able to write well. This medium is the primary means of expression and communication, and being able to do it well is a valuable skill to have. College stresses this in a wide variety of ways. Most professors will have their students work on papers and projects, as well as in class work that furthers the concept. This all is done to make sure that different skill sets within the writing sphere are covered and that people are learning step by step. Although being a good writer is somewhat of a blanket term, it does have several aspects that bear further examination. When it all comes down to it, the process is about putting down thought and having it be relatable to other people who understand its context and meaning. For some, this is a difficult trait to cultivate, because they do not naturally think in such a way that welcomes that process. In college, the papers will play a large part in the process. These papers are deliberately designed to make people work and constantly refine their abilities. The process is a gradient one, in that the people that are guided along their way with increases in what is taught and what is expected. Therefore, students will learn how to effectively communicate through this medium whether they understand why or not. There are some things that can be consciously done in order to ensure that works produced by students are of higher caliber. First of all, it is important to understand the purpose of the project and the way that it should be written.

Different subjects and fields have their own rules and style, while personal opinion papers and more subjective works are left up to the individual to decide on. The

refore, knowing whether the paper is academic or if it is more subjective is important. Understanding how to apply the different styling and rules is critical for success in this context. For example, the research papers will require a great amount of citation and a professional voice, while personal opinion papers like those that might be found in a philosophy class are less so. Another good rule of thumb is to write to meet the expectations of the professor. Professors should have a set of expectations when they assign work to students, which they will require to be met. While personal voice and style is always something that can be positive, meeting the expectations of the professor is crucial for success. When it all comes down to it, one does the work to get their approval and get the grades form them. Following a rubric that shows exactly what is to be done is essential. This allows people to know what points to hit and how to organize their work into a cohesive whole. When it actually comes to putting down the words on a document, structure should be followed, and variety should be inserted. The point of the paper is to present information or opinion in such a way that it is understandable and that it proves a logical point. The paper is something that requires the person to apply everything that they have learned. Essentially, it is a compilation of requirements and rules that is expressed through this medium in order to prove something. Proofreading and citations are essential parts of the process. People should exhaustively check for errors, while making sure that the paper flows well and makes logical sense. Al of these things are a part of the bigger process that is involved in getting a good work finished and turned in. Actively seeking to be better will make the person better.

Writing is a vital skill to develop in the college setting, because of the universal application that the skill has in the world. People that are able to effectively communicate in this medium are much more valuable, because they are able to express themselves and get points across well.


Tommy has been a corporate trainer for almost 20 years, making rounds in companies on the Faust top 500 list – focusing specifically on management communication skills. He has done multiple consulting projects using the Miami Dade College because of their Supervision Management Degrees. Contact Info: Tommy Greene TommyGreene09@gmail.com http://www.mdc.edu/main/supervisionmanagement/default.asp

by Tommy Greene



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