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Bedford Modular Desk and Technology Hub from Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn Bedford Desk and Technology Hutch with Herman Miller Embody Chair

With my recent move I found myself in search of a new desk for my home office set up, which was exciting because I’ve never had the opportunity to review a desk for the site.  After about a month and a half of research I finally decided on the Bedford Desk from Pottery Barn.  In addition to the desk, you can also see my Herman Miller Embody Chair in that picture up there.


Pottery Barn Bedford Modular Desk with Technology Hutch

The desk itself comes in a variety of colors and formats that you can mix and match with.  I chose the rectangular desk with one 2 drawer file cabinet and one 3 drawer file cabinet.  The 2 drawer file cabinet (on the left) has two large drawers that can hold either legal or letter size hanging files, while the 3 drawer file cabinet (on the right) has one large drawer for hanging files on the bottom, and two regular sized drawers for loose items above it.  Besides these options, you can also get a cabinet that holds a computer tower, or you can get book shelf sides as well.  In addition to the rectangular version of the Bedford Modular Desk, you can also get an L Shaped version of the Bedford Desk with the same options for the side storage compartments.   It is also important to note that the “Technologh Hutch” on top of the desk is a separately priced piece and it just rests on top of the desk with nothing to secure it.


Pottery Barn Bedford Desk with 3 Drawer Cabinet

Above is a quick shot of the 3 drawer file cabinet.  You cant really tell from this angle, but the top flat part of the desk actually hangs over the front face of the drawers by about 4.5″ which does make using the top drawer on this side slightly awkward since it cuts off access to some of the inside of the drawer when it is open.  As I mentioned, this is a modular desk, so the top part of the desk just lays on top of the two side cabinets, but the top is framed underneath so its a pretty snug fit and it is also heavy enough that it does not slide around at all.  The drawers on each of the side cabinets are very sturdy and ride smoothly on their rails, unlike many of the cheaper desks I saw in person before deciding to buy this.


Pottery Barn Bedford Desk and Technologh Hutch Slide Out Drawer

The Technology Hutch has some horizontal and vertical slots for notebooks, bills, and whatever else you can think of to store in there.  It also has a sliding drawer and below it tucked away in the back is a power strip with 2 plugs, 2 data jacks, and an on/off rocker switch.  My only issues with the desk as a whole come with the Technology Hutch.  My first issue is that because it just sits on top of the desk with some rubber feet, the hutch will slide when you plug in or unplug an item from the built in power strip if you are not careful.  My second issue is with the small (and I stress small) metal pull loop that is on the front of the drawer.  I think for an adult male I have average size hands, so it is a bit disappointing that the loop on the pull isn’t even big enough to fit my pinkie finger in it comfortably to pull it out.  Lastly, it would have been nice if the drawer had some sort of rails to rest on so it was a little more firm and secure when you slide it out.


Pottery Barn Bedford Desk and Technologh Hutch

Overall, the Bedford Desk from Pottery Barn is a very solidly constructed unit, and it looks great.  Delivery of the product also went very well, as it arrived mostly pre-assembled in four packages with lots of packing materials to ensure that there was no damage done during the delivery.  In comparison to many of the other desks I looked at, I am confident that this was the best option in this price range out there, and am very satisfied with the purchase.  One item that you see next to the desk in this photo that I had to buy separately is the black Winsome Wood End Table that you see on the left of the desk.  Its a fairly sturdy item which matches the desk nicely, and I needed it because my printer that you see in the photo (an Epson Artisan 800 series) didn’t fit on the desk once I added the technology hutch.  I really like the modular design of this desk because even if I move one day and no longer want this as a desk, I’ve got the option of having two free standing file cabinets that can also function as a printer stand.  Although the desk was slightly more expensive than I had originally planned on, I think its a great long term investment in some nice furniture that will last for quite some time.

One last bit of advice if you do decide to pick this up, do yourself a favor and check out the pricing carefully.  Although they have a pre-configured option that looks exactly like mine (minus the hutch), for some reason it costs $50 more if you add that one to your cart instead of selecting the appropriate pieces individually.  When I called to ask them about this, the customer service rep thought I was crazy, until she tried it herself and saw exactly what I was seeing.

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