Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating does not have to be an expensive or stressful ordeal. By trying just a few of the ideas below, homeowners can have the appearance of a newly-decorated room without the cost!

Rearranging furniture can improve a room enormously. First, rid the room of excess clutter and furniture. Next, make sure the current layout makes sense, and determine whether or not it can be improved. Is there only a small pathway around the bed? Can large pieces of furniture be moved to make more space in the room?

Showrooms and professionally decorated rooms always have a focal point, or main point of interest in the room. A focal point can be just about anything: a large window, detailed headboard, or piece of artwork.

One interesting headboard idea is to use a folding screen as a headboard. Screens with fabric panels can be reupholstered to match the bedroom’s current décor and serve as a padded headboard. Other options include a series of portraits above the bed.

To create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, homeowners can create a miniature sitting area or reading nook for relaxation. A reading nook can be made by tucking a small chair and lamp into a corner. For bedrooms with more space, bring a pair of chairs or small bench with end tables. Slipcovers or matching pillows can be added to the chairs so they match the bedroom décor.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to change a room is by painting the walls and trim. Dark colors can make a dramatic statement or make a large room seem cozy. Light colors reflect more light and brighten up a room.

Don’t be afraid to explore new colors. Many paint stores offer liquid samples to paint directly on the wall. Once the color dries, homeowners can see exactly what color the paint is and whether or not that color is appropriate for the room.

Bedding is usually one of the most expensive purchases in the bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be. Duvet covers and pillow shams give homeowners the ability to change color schemes quickly without going bankrupt. Bright colored pillows bring a pop of color and pattern to a bedroom.

Curtains are a great place to create some drama in a room. A deep color or bold print that coordinates with the bed linens will make a window pop, creating an instant focal point. For smaller windows, raise the curtain rod closer to the ceiling and stretch the length at least six inches longer on each side. This will make your window appear much larger.

Don’t forget to tie certain elements together by incorporating them throughout the room, such as a fabric print, color, or detail finish on furniture pieces. Try not to over-decorate. Over-matching can be just as big a mistake as not matching anything in a bedroom. Over-matching bedroom décor can take a comforting bedroom and make it a showroom, but it also becomes harsh and out-of-touch.


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