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Before Submitting To Article Directories

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 04/3/2009
  • Article Writing

Article marketing and the article directories are one of the top, if not the best route to go in terms of internet marketing, especially if you are operating on a budget this option can be done for the cost of your time and effort, the rest is free. Although we are not saying that your time and effort is not worth the money, it just means that you can cut back on costs if you do the writing and submission to the article directories yourself. There are some proven formulae, and requirements that are necessary to be followed when submitting your article, and it would be best to follow these to the instruction to avoid having to do additional work and re do any of your writing. Some people choose to do the article writing and submission via an automated process, however many of these articles can be seen as though they have passed through such an automated process and lack the human element and input that is usually the key element to a great article. We are not saying that there is not a place for such automation, it would however be a choice of how you would like to communicate with your end user and the readers of your articles and information that you would like to convey.

Remember that prior to submission you are writing for

the sake of branding your product and business, generating more leads as well as utilizing the article directories as backlinks to your site. These articles are brochures and business cards that are strewn across the net, so you will want them to be professional and in accordance with your image that you wish to project. Ensure that the content you are writing about applies to your target market and desired reader. By spewing out a load of junk, you will definitely push people away from your business message and ultimately your links to your site. This holds true for your call to action, contained within your resource box too, you have to make it compelling enough that the users of any of the specific article directories will want to click through to your site. Therefore your resource box and your article is like a sales or customer service representative that is standing in front of a potential customer, and you want that representative to take the prospect by the hand and follow through to your site, don’t make the mistake of losing the prospect along the way by writing incorrect, false or invalid information in your articles.

Use the article directories as a source of advertising, as well as a place to pick targeted prospects, that will be reading your material because they are in the market for your services and or products.



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