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Belts of different materials and designs

  • By Margaret Seward
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Article Writing

For men, belts may be just an alternative name for bands or straps to be worn around the waist to support their trousers. Its functional use means everything. However for girls, belts assume a more important role. Besides their role of supporting the trousers or other clothing, they also sever for decoration and style. So before starting to pick a right belt for your outfit, you¡¯d better know something about them. Belts are typically made of leather. Genuine leather can usually guarantee good quality. And there are many kinds of leather, for example, leather from alligators which can have many different patterns according to the location of the leather, leather from caimans which have round wood like patterns to create a feeling of wildness, and cow leather which is quite common. Leather belts are usually are usually expensive. Apart from genuine leather, there are belts made of artificial leather, like PVC and PU which are in fact plastic materials widely used in clothing, shoes and belts. Actually these materials are more and more common nowadays, for they are inexpensive compared with genuine leather. In addition, there are also belts made of heavy cloth. Those belts are mostly used as girdles and for decoration on girls. They can be quite fashionable and of many designs. Belts also have different designs especially for girls. To mix with different outfits, belts can assume different shapes, widths, and have various accessories on them. Some are thin on low rise trousers; some are wide enough to cover the half part above the waist; some have double straps to produce a layering effect. On belts there could be rivets, metal rings, laces and other accessories with different patterns. For such belts, the decorative functions are greater than their practical functions. Whatever the belt is made of and no matter what its design and pattern is, while choosing a belt, finding one that best suits your needs is the most important. 


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