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Belts of different styles i like

  • By machinechina machinechina
  • Published 01/13/2011
  • Poetry

The  love for beauty is a nature of human beings and I am not the exception,  especially for the fact that I am a young lady. Nearly all women in the  world attempt to make themselves more beautiful by splendid clothes,  cosmetics and other adornments which can indeed help women to be more  charming. In my opinion, beautiful clothes and cosmetics could make  women more attractive without any doubt and belts also play an important  role in glorifying women’s appearance to a large extent.     When it comes to belts, we can easily find them in shops with a variety of styles. Sometimes, we even have no idea which one we ought to select when buying belts. As for my preference, I would like to choose belts of the following three styles.     Belts in leisure style. I am an outgoing and active girl so leisure clothes are my first choice. If admitted, I could wear leisure clothes to go to work. As for leisure clothes, I like jeans best and I never wear jeans without belts. In fact, there are 10 leisure belts in my wardrobe. Therefore, each of my jean is often matched different belts. Different arrangement could give me different feelings every day.        Waist belts. A lady in dress with a waist band and high heels has more chance to gain a second glance in the street. When a lady wears a belt upon the waist, she could ooze feminie charm. In fact, waist band not only matches dress but also long coat. Women even could display their perfect figure during cold winter when wearing a waist belt which matches coats.        Belts for business suits. Although i do not like formal suits too much, i am fond of belts matched them. Those belts fit for formal suits could make women elegant, mature and beautiful. 



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