Benefits of Acai Berry

Although acai berries have been a dietary staple of the Brazilian rainforest natives for centuries, the fruit is very perishable. Consequently, they have, only recently, been introduced to the western world. The acai berry must be processed within 24 hours to retain its excellent nutritional benefits. Due to advanced processing methods, the benefits of the berry are now available worldwide. Unfortunately, many products now on the market are not pure acai berry.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably the most advertised benefit of the acai berry. Obesity is rampant. The acai berry contains a combination of ingredients that will dampen your appetite and increase your metabolism and sense of well-being. To reap the benefits of weight loss, however, you will need to find pure acai. Many products advertised contain high amounts of sugar, guarana or caffeine. Guarana and caffeine, in high quantities may interfere with medications or cause heart problems.


Antioxidants combat free radical damage in our bodies. Combating free radical damage has an anti-aging effect and helps you stay healthy. Antioxidants strengthen the immune system, replenish dead cells, including skin cells, and improve circulation. Your stronger immune system will effectively help you avoid illnesses like colds or flu. Antioxidants, combined with the natural carbohydrates in these berries, will effectively increase your level of energy. The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score (ORAC), from the USDA, measures the antioxidants in foods. The acai berry contains five times that of blueberries.

Toxin Removal

Toxins accumulate in our bodies from our food and environmental pollutants. Because the acai berry contains extremely high amounts of antioxidants, including them in your diet regularly will assist toxin removal and boost your immune system.


The nutrients contained in acai berries help promote good cholesterol (HDL) and fight bad cholesterol (LDL). This makes these berries useful in maintaining heart health.


The acai berry contains anthocyanins. These antioxidants are beneficial in relieving eyestrain and improving sight. The nutrients in the berry are the same as those advertised for years for helping eye diseases.

Unproven Claims

Acai berries contain high amounts of antioxidants and no doubt are healthy berries. However, they will not cure cancer. They cannot guarantee weight loss without accompanying lifestyle changes. They will not stop the aging process, although they may boost your immune system and keep you healthier. The University of Florida conducted a study that found that acai berries destroyed leukemia cells in a test tube. There is no indication that they would do the same in your body.

Acai berries are about the size of a grape, but have less pulp and a single large pit. Once harvested, acai berries must be processed within a day. Consequently, the most common forms available to us are juices and freeze-dried powder. If you are going to purchase these berries, check the ingredients of the product. Many times the juice is diluted or mixed with less expensive juices. These will not have the same benefits as the pure juice or the pills of the acai berry.

ORAC Score Antioxidant Comparison


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