Benefits of B12 Shots


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Nutrition
Published on 12-27-2008

Cobalamin or what is more popularly known as Vitamin B12, is important for nervous system and brain functioning. This type of vitamin also plays an essential role in cell metabolism which has a capacity to synthesize and regulate every DNA of the cell.

With its important role for the overall health of a person, doctors have formed a Vitamin B12 shot which provides concentrated amount of this highly essential vitamin. B12 is not found in foods since its basic structure can only be accomplished through a chemical reaction of other forms of vitamins with bacteria. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a severe case of anemia and other serious diseases including depression and memory loss, but with a healthy and balance diet, this can be avoided. But for those people who think that they are not generating enough form of this vitamin, they can have B12 shot which is administered by doctors.

Since this vitamin can be taken into many forms, e.g. food supplements, beverages, and pills, some doctors recommend B12 injection (also known as Lipotropic Injection). While this procedure may not be for everyone, it can provide various health benefits especially for those people who are suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency. B12 shots are known to provide various health benefits. This method is known to effectively treat anemia, over-fatigue, some skin diseases, and overweight. People who have received B12 shots have reported that they felt dramatic changes just after few shots, this include clearer skin, greater stamina, and loss of weight.

But in some cases, a person may not be allowed to have B12 shots procedure. Doctors may prohibit someone to have B12 injections if he has underlying serious medical condition or if he is taking a special kind of medication which may result to contraindication to this vitamin shots. If a person has been considered as a candidate for B12 shots, doctors will still perform its first administration and will teach the patient on how to properly do the injection procedure. For patients, it is very important to seek guidance from a licensed doctor. (Never attempt do-it-yourself injection unless you have already been properly taught by the physician.) Also, patients should also know how to properly dispose their used syringe since the danger of disease transmission is more possible with improper disposal.

It is also important for people to inject themselves with the exact amount of vitamin their doctors had prescribed to them. Just like any other medications, B12 shots may impose some danger if patients would administer a higher dose for themselves. On the other hand, reducing the amount of B12 will not provide the expected health benefits provided by this vitamin. While there are many forms of Vitamin B12 such as food supplement, beverages, and pills, B12 shots may provide a more dramatic result since this is directly injected into the bloodstream, a method in which the body will absorb this chemical in a much shorter time.


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