Benefits of Crochet and Knitting

Knitting and crochet are traditional fiber arts that have been around for thousands of years. Through a series of loops and knots, yarn takes shape to form garments, toys, and other items.

These crafts have found a new surge in popularity, especially in the younger generations. Why? There are a variety of reasons.

One of the most spoken-of benefits is the relaxation and stress relief of crochet and knitting. In fact, knitting has been termed “the new yoga” by many people because these arts require you to slow down and concentrate.

With the stress and speed of the rest of the day, people need down time for their bodies to recuperate. Sitting down to crochet or knit not only relieves stress, but lowers blood pressure as well.

Crochet and knitting has also been used by bedridden patients and arthritis sufferers as a form of physical therapy. The repetitive and continuous movement loosens up joints, keeps the fingers limber, and distracts the patient from any pain they might have. It is also entertaining to prevent patient boredom.

Some claim that knitting and crochet can even help you stop bad habits such as snacking between meals or smoking. Working on a crochet or knitting project takes a person’s mind off of the habit. In the case of snacking or smoking, it will also save money, as less snacks and tobacco are bought.

Another benefit to these crafts is the ease of learning and the satisfaction of making a quality product. People only need to know a few basic stitches to make something, and the quality of your garments and projects are often better quality than those available in stores.

People can also avoid fibers they or their family are allergic to simply by checking yarn labels. Those worried about chemical treatments can purchase organic, handspun, and/or hand-dyed yarns.

Crochet and knit fans can make custom creations for the home, such as afghans, scarves, and hats to keep warm during the winter. Creations can also be given away as presents or sold for a small profit. With many simple knit or crochet items selling for as much as thirty or forty dollars, crochet and knitters can create quality items while saving or even making money.

Store-bought clothing can be personalized with crochet or knit trims. For instance, tops with crochet necklines have become very popular this year. Rather than buying one premade from the store, crafters can make their own one of a kind shirt.

Smaller projects can be carried while traveling. Long trips no longer have to be boring. Crochet and knitting projects can easily be worked on in a car, train, plane, or bus. Just be sure not to elbow the person sitting next to you!

Once basic stitches are learned, many crafters find that they can crochet or knit without looking at their hands. Many use this opportunity to multitask, such as crafting while reading an article online or watching television. Not only can you be more productive, but it can help you from becoming a couch potato.

With the growing popularity in fiber arts, more and more free information is available to crafters. Thousands of crafting websites feature tutorials and free patterns to aspiring crafters. Some even host craft-a-longs, were a pattern is given out to the public and site visitors are encouraged to make the product and share difficulties, the materials they used, and the end product.


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