Benefits of Swimming Swim To a Healthy Life

With thousands of sophisticated fitness programs available in the market, people tend to forget that health need not be expensive and that the best way to keep fit need not be complicated. Many fitness programs involve having to count calories and measure the balance of carbohydrates and proteins in food intake which is both time-consuming and extremely boring. A fun way to revive the fun in fitness is looking at good old exercise, the best of which is said to be swimming.

Swimming is an exercise that can be learned and done by anyone, the old, the young, athletes who have undergone bones/muscle operations and even pregnant women. It is a wise investment to learn how to swim properly, aside from the good it does to one’s body, it is also considered an important survival skill that may come in handy at one point in life. Swimming is also a fun way to spend quality time with the family, be it in a swimming pool or the beach, swimming is a common family activity enjoyed by children. Learning to swim also paves the path to fun water sports like surfing, wake boarding, jet skiing, etc. That aside, swimming requires movement from the entire body which is why it is a great exercise.

Injured athletes often find swimming the best therapy as it improves flexibility without causing pressure to joints and muscles. Swimming also improves the circulatory and cardiovascular systems aside from lowering blood pressure. For this reason, swimming is advisable for those who run risks of heart-related problems and asthma. Those who exercise to loose weight may take on swimming regularly to burn calories. To loose body fats, one would also need to remember to match swimming with a controlled and disciplined diet. While swimming burns a lot of calories, the amount of energy needed on swimming naturally makes the body crave for more food intake.

There are four strokes practiced in swimming – crawl stroke, back stroke, butterfly and breast stroke. Crawl stroke is the most widely used as it is the quickest and most efficient style. The backstroke requires one to lie facing the sky, done properly, this stroke is said to bring out curves in the body. The butterfly stroke is the most challenging technique to learn. It requires a lot of strength to master this stroke. Breast stroke is the easiest technique to learn and is considered to be the least-stressful of the strokes. This stroke can be done leisurely through laps. Done properly, each of the swimming strokes is a great exercise for the whole body.

Swimming is indeed a great exercise for those who love the water. At the end of the day, if a person is not interested in the sport, the enjoyment is lost and the drive regularly practice laps will not be enough to keep one healthy. Swimming may be the exercise that works out the whole body but without love or interest in the sport, it is not the best exercise for everybody.


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