Benefits to Wearing a Weight Vest


Authored by Malcolm Tatum in Weight Issues 
Published on 01-22-2010

There are many reasons why an individual may want to wear a weight vest. Some use the device as a way to build muscles, while others make use of the vest to lose weight. In fact, there are several different benefits to wearing a weight vest. Chances are that at least a couple of these apply to you.

One of the main reasons for wearing a weigh vest is to burn additional calories throughout the day. Because the body has to exert more effort to manage various activities, just about everything you do that requires movement will burn a few extra calories. Common tasks like walking and bending at the waist become mini-workouts, helping to offset some of your caloric intake and make it easier to reach your weight goals. When used in conjunction with a balanced diet and a reasonable amount of exercise, wearing the vest can help you shed fat while also building some muscle mass that helps to enhance the toning process.

Another benefit to wearing a weight vest has to do with increasing the strength of your cardiovascular system. While burning those extra calories, the increased amount of work your body exerts to manage the extra weight from the vest also causes your heart to work a little harder. The end result is that your heart muscle gets a steady workout all day long, and functions at a higher rate of efficiency. A healthy heart means less chance of the development of a serious issue that could lead to a stroke or even a heart attack.

For some people, a weight vest not only helps to strengthen your heart, but also encourage the maintenance of healthy bone density. As is true with many types of exercise, the effort required to manage the extra weight places additional stress on your skeletal system, triggering new bone growth that helps to make your bones less brittle. Gradually, your bones become less susceptible to fracturing under pressure, allowing the bones to work more efficiently with the muscular system when it comes to managing heavy tasks.

People with some forms of back problems will also benefit from wearing a weight vest. Because the design of the vest tends to encourage correct posture and balance, the back remains in a more natural position when performing various tasks. This means there is less pressure on the spine, especially along the base, which in turn means there is less chance of inflammation and swelling in the muscles and tissues surrounding the spinal column.

While there are several benefits derived from wearing a weight vest, it is important to remember that this device is not the best option in all situations. For example, there are some back issues that would actually worsen as the result of wearing the vest. For this reason, it’s a good idea to talk with your physician as well as a physical therapist before deciding to wear a weight vest for even part of the day. Even when your healthcare professionals recommend that you wear the vest to help with losing weight or strengthening your back or cardiovascular system, follow the usage instructions provided to the letter. This will allow you to realize the benefits and not have to deal with any unpleasant side effects.


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