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Benefitting Via The Article Directory

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 11/5/2009
  • Article Writing

There is no doubt that the search engines love new content to crawl and return in the search engine results pages. This love of content is not limited to that of the search engines either, but for millions of internet users across the world. Unfortunately, or even fortunately, not everyone can write articles or content for submission to the article directory. This is where significant opportunities exist for the entrepreneur who wants to get word out about his or her product, service or website. The article directory offers the prospective marketer a great opportunity of publishing their knowledge, that is relevant to their specific industry. By publishing their article here, will enable people to read their article as well as republish on their blogs and or sites, which in turn offers valuable links to the site in question. Whilst the owners of the websites gain value from the additional content, which is now published on their site, so does the writer in that those will link to his or her site, and people will click through therefore generating possible leads for the entrepreneur.

One of the biggest advantages of this method of marketing, via the article directory is that it is totally free of charge, and only takes the amount of time to write the article. Although the article directory may well represent an opportunity to the mar

keter, there are specific guidelines that must be kept in mind when writing the article. These will include not blatantly selling within the article body, and keeping the resource or bio box for the click through links, to the site in question. Naturally correct grammar, spelling and article structure will also be expected and may prevent the article being declined by the article directory. The rules of the article directory ensure that the link of the author is retained when the article is published elsewhere. The primary goal of the author should be to pique sufficient interest within the reader of the article, which should lead them to click through to the site, whether it is via the directory itself or via one of the sites that has republished the article. In addition to this if the other sites or even the url of the article gains in page rank, then these links to the website will ensure that the site gains in authority via the search engines.

By adhering to the rules and regulations laid out by the editors of the directory, the writer will furthermore ensure that their article is published immediately without having to be redone, which can be a waste of time. Hence once the article has been properly written and reviewed, and provided of course it follows these guidelines should the item be presented for publication, even if it takes a day or two to work through the written piece, thereby realizing time saving efforts on the writers part too.



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