Best Affordable Golf Putters on the Market

Has watching Tiger Woods on Sundays inspired you to start playing golf or made you determined to strengthen your game? If so you’ll want to go out with a good putter to get you on course. There are many different putters on the market and some may be better than others. Whether calculating performance, style or budget there is a putter out there for you to bring your game to a new level.

The Arsenal is a rare putter that is highly effective at creating the topspin most golfers are looking for. You ball will take off faster and more precisely. Even those who are not too familiar with golf have probably heard of Callaway, they are a leader in the industry and their Trax Putter is just as highly recognized.
The Cleveland VP5 uses technology to determine if your hands are in the correct place before your put takes place.

The King Cobra Inner Mallet Putter is best for using in the woods and the company uses a vast amount of technology to make their products top notch. Adjustable weighting is the secret behind the Guerin Rifle, an excellent putter.
The Heavy Putter is a good putter that uses its weight along with its high center of gravity to kick the ball off and maximize your game.

MacGregor has been helping athletes for years with their products and their MacGregor Face Off DCT is an excellent putter with interchangeable face for different golfer’s needs. The NGC Closer Putter is a unique putter with numerous settings to improve your puts and your game. Nike, their shoes are not the only things that will have you looking sharp on the course, their putters are great and endorsed by Tiger himself.

Wilson, already champions of tennis they have become a leader in the golf world as well and their putters are very effective and use a distinctive weight system to pick up your putting. They offer an adjustable putter, as well as an interchangeable face putter. Yes’s C-Groove putter has its own uniqueness as it offers the golfer the ability to place more spin on the ball.

Taylor Made offers a non-slip grip to keep the golfer from losing control of their putter. Ping’s putters can range from the more complex technology spawned Crazy-E to the more simple Ping Karsten

So whether a beginner or veteran these putters will make you look and feel like you have been on the course for years. If budget is a concern you may want to turn to the Internet, as many sites such as Craiglist or eBay will showcase people looking to sell their clubs for cheap. Garage sales and flea markets are another place that you may be able to find good prices on different styles of clubs. As well as many sporting good store will run sales during particular seasons, so there is no reason why the economy should keep you from putting away.


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