Best Alaska Cruise Stops


Authored by Kennedy Allen in Cruise
Published on 08-14-2009

The best Alaska cruise stops are difficult to choose from. No matter which port stop on your cruise you decide to explore, Alaska is a wonderful state with friendly people and amazing sites as well as interesting museums and cultural points of interest. While most of the best Alaska cruise stops offer a myriad of tours, opting to explore on your own can also prove to be quite the adventure.

Of course one cannot go on an Alaska cruise and not stop by Anchorage. It makes sense that the biggest city in Alaska is one of the best Alaska cruise stops. Anchorage is home to the majority of its population, as well as some of the best bars, restaurants and museums. This is also one of the best Alaska cruise stops because it offers up the chance to visit the Alaska Native Heritage center. This museum is known for its lot of amazing historical and cultural knowledge about the Alaskan native indigenous people.

While in this Alaska cruise stop, you can also choose to go see the Alaska Zoo, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Kincaid Park, or the smaller Point Woronzof Park, which is famous for its great back country skiing in the winter and biking in the summer months.

Another of the most popular Alaska cruise stops would have to be Juneau. This is perhaps the best of the best Alaska cruise stops because of the magnificent sights. This Alaska cruise stop is mainly a coastal town. Some of the most popular sites in this Alaska cruise stop would have to be the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau ice field, Taku glacier and Norris glacier. Right near the port there is also the opportunity to ride up Mount Roberts on a tram offering some of the best views of downtown Juneau.

Visitors can also choose to pay a bit more and get a helicopter tour over Juneau and all the nearby glaciers. This is truly a spectacular sight worth the money and can make the whole trip one of the most memorable experiences in your lifetime. The size and beauty of the glaciers will astound anyone, and the unique way of experiencing them is both peaceful and exhilarating. In the summer, Juneau also offers the opportunity for river rafting and rainforest canopy tours.

Also on the list of best Alaska cruise stops is Denali. The beauty of this Alaska cruise stop will blow your mind with its diversity. Denali is not only considered one of the best Alaska cruise stops; it is one of the favored vacation destinations for Alaskans as well! This Alaska cruise stops offers the chance to see the Denali National Park among other exciting and interesting sights

Bottom line is Alaska is a wondrous state full of interesting sights and activities. While all the best Alaska cruise stops might give you a taste for this wintry wonderland, they will surely leave you thinking of ways to come back and experience these ports as more than just overnight cruise stops!


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