Best Angelina Jolie Movies

While there are a lot of movie goers who have some unkind things to say about Angelina Jolie (whether as an actress or as a person) she is one of the current stars of Hollywood. Additionally, while movies like “Tomb Raider” and “Wanted” may be nothing more than a collection of great action scenes held together with spit and tiny cords of plot, she has been involved in some phenomenal movies as well.

First on the list of Ms. Jolie’s best work is “Hackers.” This movie may be relatively unknown to the current generation of young film lovers, but while the technology dates, the plot is solid. “Hackers” captures the spirit of the “phreakers” and “hackers” who would learn everything they could about computers and computer systems, putting them on par with the men and women who were building and securing them. The cat and mouse game, combined with the rebellious natures of the young main characters makes “Hackers” a great film.

Second, and more recent, is the movie “Mr. And Mrs. Smith.” Co-starring with Brad Pitt, Jolie plays an international master spy who unknowingly married a man who has the exact same profession. The movie follows their feelings of betrayal once they find out, and then their desperate struggle to survive their former employers who now want them dead. While not the greatest movie of either of their careers, “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” has a solid plot, great action, and is interwoven with some amazing comedy. If you’ve ever wondered what the conversations Batman and Catwoman would actually have if they unknowingly married each other, this movie will show you.

Another fantastic film that Jolie was one of the stars of is “Gone in 60 Seconds.” The film has a star studded cast, and the main star could be Nicholas Cage (though some may argue the point), who is a recently released (and supposedly reformed) convicted car thief. The film follows the exploits of Cage and his crew, (one of whom is Jolie, whose character was trying to go straight before Cage was released) trying to steal a record number of cars of certain, expensive types all in a single night. All in all, the movie provides a great action experience, and a plot that’s good, but which shouldn’t be examined too closely.

Of course, these are only three examples of a particularly long history of movie making. Angelina Jolie has starred, co-starred, and been involved with a number of projects. Many of them have been successes (like those mentioned above), but some of them have been astonishing flops. For those who want to see one of the films that reside near the shameful spots at the bottom of the list, check out the animated “Beowulf.” However it would be a good idea to have one of Jolie’s better movies on hand to switch to, just in case you aren’t able to stomach the entirety of the horrendously butchered Norse legend.


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