Best Bird Watching Areas in Los Angeles

Authored by Gary Eugene in United States 
Published on 12-09-2008

Who would have thought that bird watching would be sufficiently possible in this metropolis of urban buildings? Well, there are places in Los Angeles that offer good places for avid bird watchers. The Arboretum is one, and it offers a great deal luscious flora and fauna set on a 127 acre area. It is here that you can find a good number of peafowl birds and peacocks that were initially brought in from India.

There is the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center. The facility houses at least a thousand birds at a single time in, on top a ten thousand square foot area. There are about forty thousand children that come here each year just to see the place. Set within the grounds, you may get a glimpse of two huge outdoor aviaries filled with pelicans. The facility also has an internal hospital for the birds.

Another nice place to visit would be the Audubon Center at Debs Park. It is known to be one of the lushest places of vegetation in America. Aside from having around 138 species of birds, they also have some species of coyotes.

Let us not forget the famous Los Angeles Zoo. Here you can find the Chilean flamingo, the African fish eagle, black swans, Inca terns, Cape Griffon Vultures, laughing kookaburras, and a whole lot more.

A nice place you can do bird watching for free is along the Westwood area, within the UCLA campus. You can also find some nice species of birds along flood control basins near Montebello Hills, or close to the Hansen Dam. Local birds here would include roadrunners, cactus wrens, and some nighthawks.

Within the Boreal forest, you can find about sixty species of birds. You can catch a lot of them, especially during migrating season. Catch glimpses of white winged scoters and surf along Newport Beach.

Try tapping in to some of the local bird watching associations if you decide to come over. They will be more than happy to provide information and share some tips on how to make your trip eventful. You can get in touch with them through the Internet and, hopefully, secure a schedule with them.

When going bird watching, do not forget to pack some sunscreen, a pen and notebook, some food and water, along with your binoculars. You may even want to bring a digital camera with you for some memorable shots.


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