Best Caribbean Vacation Destinations for Children

Most people will assume that the Caribbean – made up of about 7, 000 islands, reefs, cays and inlets – is ideal for a couple’s destination – a romantic escape to an incredibly beautiful part of the world. People from the United States, Europe and other parts of the world have come over to the Caribbean to have a good time.

Exactly for this reason, many visitors will try to escape being around children all the time. Many hotels in the region do not permit children at certain times of the year, so as not to upset their guests.

Of course, it does not need to be this way. Many big hotels in the Caribbean now find it common enough that families with children come to visit, and they have responded by building children’s facilities and offering special programs to keep them busy while the older people concentrate on sunbathing.

Of course, you don’t always have to go to a hotel. Why not hire a villa instead? More and more visitors have built holiday homes, which they rent out at certain times. In a villa where you are on your own, you do not need to worry about your kids upsetting other guests. They can run and play in the garden as much as they like, or swim and play in the pool, or private beach. They can also help mummy with the cooking, or go shopping for food. If your children are somewhat older, this is already a good exercise in how to get along with other customs and learning to communicate with people.

It seems evident that if you are travelling with children, you want to travel to those destinations that have direct air access. The best islands for this are Barbados, Antigua and Saint Lucia. These islands also offer some of the best beach facilities for children.

Also Jamaica – which is considered to be the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands – is a top family destination. Most of Jamaica’s resorts have supervised children’s activities, babysitters, family discounts and kid’s meals. There are a number of all-inclusive chains like SuperClub Breezes Resorts, Club Med and Sandals Beaches. At Franklyn D. Resort in Runaway Bay, families have their own vacation nanny during their stay.

Of course, the Caribbean does not only offer beaches and resorts. There are also some mountain ranges to be seen. You will find mountainous ranges at the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Saint Lucia, Saba, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominica, Montserrat, Jamaica and Hispaniola. These mountain ranges resemble in no way the Rocky Mountains, as they are not sturdy and tall. That makes them just perfect. Children will love to experience what mountain hiking is about right there.

Another thing you can do with children, is take a cruise to the Caribbean. Most of the cruise ships are well-equipped to entertain children, and this allows the parents to do what they like. A Caribbean cruise will dock at certain of the islands, and also there kids can be entertained with different activities.


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