Best Cell Phones for Seniors


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Gadgets
Published on 02-06-2009

Many older Americans do not like to use cell phones. Some seniors use cell phones and others are not open to the newest advances in technology. Cell phones can benefit older Americans who still drive and can benefit all older Americans in an emergency.

Every cell phone company offers a variety of phones. The models of phones are forever changing. It is hard to specify one particular cell phone that is best for seniors. There are, however, features to look for if you are buying a cell phone for an older parent or loved one.

Search for a cell phone that has a keypad with big, easy to read numbers. Phones that offer a large display when dialing numbers are also the most ideal. Look for cell phones that allow users to turn the volume up very high. Phones that are hearing aid compatible also work well for many older individuals.

Most seniors will want a cell phone that is simple and easy to use rather than one offering many features and applications. Smart phones are not popular among most older individuals. Seniors worry most about being able to call family members or friends and having a wireless phone in an emergency.

Older Americans will want a cell phone that is easy to use to make calls. Cell phones with a straightforward button for sending and ending calls are best. More advanced phones that allow users to browse the Internet, listen to music and watch movies are not needed. Too many applications and buttons will make a cell phone unpopular among many older individuals.

Prepaid cell phone plans that do not require long-term contracts work well for seniors who will not be using the cell phones very often. Most major cell phone companies offer prepaid plans. In addition, senior consumers can try prepaid carriers such as: www.virginmobile.com, www.net10.com and www.tracfone.com.

Jitterbug is another cell phone option that is popular among older Americans and anyone who needs a simple and easy to use phone. These cell phones offer a large viewing screen, are hearing aid compatible and easy to adjust the volume. Jitterbug users can load their contact list to their phone from the Internet with Jitterbug’s user system. This makes it easy for anyone to add the people they need to contact to their phone‘s addressbook.

Verizon wireless created a calling plan with seniors in mind. The Nationwide 65 plus plan provides enough cell phone time for people who just use their phone occasionally. This particular plan provides consumers with 200 anytime minutes and 400 nights and weekend minutes. This is an ideal plan for older Americans who use a cell phone to talk to friends or loved ones from time to time and to keep on hand for emergencies.

The 911 cell phones are a good option for seniors who just need a phone on hand for emergencies. There are various options that can be found under 911 cell phones. The phones allow people to access 911 in an emergency. Some of these phones are only used to call 911. Others make it possible to pay for calls if other people need to be contacted in an emergency.

Take your time if looking for a cell phone for a senior aged loved one. Find a phone that will be easy to use while providing your family member with all the features they need in an ideal phone.


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