Best Community Colleges in California


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in College Education 
Published on 11-04-2009

A college education is a must in today’s competitive business environment. Even professions that thus far could be counted on to provide on the job training, now frequently require prospective applicants to show at least some college level coursework before being considered for a trainee or apprentice position. Residents of California have a number of options when it comes to a higher education, but – perhaps not surprisingly – the increase in tuition and student fees have a good many students look to the best yet inexpensive community colleges in California to at least start their road within academia.

One of the best community colleges in California for students desirous of learning about alcohol and drug studies – which eventually may lead to a career as a substance abuse counselor, youth worker, or criminal justice professional – is Glendale Community College. Located in California’s San Fernando Valley, this school offers online classes as well as offline learning opportunities, making this a community college that is also attractive to out of town students.

For students who are parents, Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa is a favorite. Childcare is offered – for a fee – via the Harry & Grace Steele Children’s Center that provides safe and educational daycare opportunities. Costs are reasonable and competitive, and parents with confirmed fiscal hardships may even find that these fees are adjusted on a sliding fee scale. This locale is a preferred pool from which CSU routinely draws its student body.

If you have your sights set on UCLA, the best community college in California is Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Its main academic draws are agricultural and botanical science classes, as well as veterinary training. The campus is a mix of farming backdrop and high tech gadgetry and architecture. Students enjoy all of the financial advantages the California educational system provides, such as fee waivers for qualifying residents and also grants and incentives.

On the other end of the spectrum are students, who may need a second chance at starting, continuing or finishing an education they might have interrupted at some point. It is not unusual to see young and more mature students crossing Carson on their ways to various classes at the Long Beach City College. This is one of the best community colleges in California if you need a helping hand to start over.

Laid off professionals, recent high school graduates unsure of what majors to commit to, newlyweds and also perennial students find a home at this school. Of course, the academics are stellar as well. Aviation is a field that ranks high in Long Beach and the nearby airport provides hands on training grounds for majors learning all about airplane maintenance. There are also a number of programs geared to assist those, who feel called to work with children of all age groups, to enter the fields of education, counseling and also teaching.

A new kind of class experience is now also being tested by a number of California community colleges: hybrid classes. These classes provide 50% of their coursework online, while the other 50% take place inside the traditional classroom. This is an excellent opportunity for students, who might consider transferring to an online college in the future. As odd as it may sound, learning online is a skill that in itself needs to be learned. What better venue to start this form of learning than one of California’s community colleges?


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