Best Community Colleges in Indiana

To start with, we should all make sure that we’re on the right page when it comes to discussing just what a community college is, and isn’t. A community college, which is sometimes referred to as a junior college, a city college, or a technical college is a school that specializes in 2 year programs for its students. Community colleges do not offer 4 year degrees, only 2 year associate degrees and certificate degrees for its students. Admission is usually open, which means that anyone who has a high school diploma or a GED can attend a community college. Usually students who want to go further will attend a community college for a year, and then try to transfer to a more traditional, four year university.

For those who are looking to attend class in Indiana, which has the largest number of colleges in the Midwest, the options may not be as wide open as some people think. Most of the colleges in the state are private, with state schools like Indiana University and Purdue University taking up most of the remaining slots. However, there are some community colleges in Indiana that will gladly offer their services to those looking to further their education.

The most proliferate community college is Ivy Tech. With half a dozen campuses at least, Ivy Tech also has connection programs with several, more traditional universities. This means that students can transfer from an Ivy Tech campus to a 4 year college more smoothly, and that the chances of that student’s acceptance will be much higher than if they’d simply applied to the school. This also means that if the students go through the transfer program that all of their credits will transfer. This is a major advantage, since often times many credits from community colleges won’t transfer to a 4 year university.

Another option for those who live in Vincennes, Indiana is to attend Vincennes University, which is a popular community college. Located in the Southwest part of the state, Vincennes University is a comprehensive 2 year school that offers a variety of courses including business, economics, social service and the arts. There are also opportunities for students to participate in athletics, which is something that most community colleges don’t offer. Like any other community college, Vincennes University also gives students the ability to transfer to another school if they so desire.

While these two universities are far from the only options available in Indiana as far as community colleges go, they are the two most renowned and respected in the state. Whenever a person begins attending a community college (which becomes more common when the economy goes bad), they should meet with an advisor to make sure that they know what they want to do, and how their time at the community college is going to help them. While a community college is a stepping stone on the path to higher education, it’s important to know if it’s the last step, or the first step to something even higher.


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