Best Dance Crazes

The world would be a boring place without dance. Dance can be used for enjoyment, relaxation, education or storytelling. Some of the most renowned dances have an interesting story of origin.

The Mashed Potato

Everyone across the nation was doing the Mashed Potato in the 1960s. The dance even had an official song to go along with it. “The Mashed Potato Time” by the Dee Dee Sharp’s served as the main theme song for the dance. To pull off the Mashed Potato efficiently, you had to actually mash your foot into the ground. You move each foot one after the other and pretend like you’re mashing potatoes on the ground. Paying attention to your footwork is the most important part of doing this correctly.

The Bump

The Bump originated in the 1970s. “Give Up the Funk” by George Clinton was one of the more popular songs that people did the bump to. The dance is so simple that a baby could do it. One individual slightly bumps their hip with another person doing the same motion. The dance started with people just using their hips to bump. Now, people use their hips, buttocks and pelvis to bump to the beat of the music.

The Macarena

The Macarena crashed onto the scene in the mid 90s. The song Macarena and the dance weren’t affiliated with one another initially. The dance was loved and appreciated all over the world. People of all races and ages were doing the Macarena. The origin of the dance is still uncertain. However, a Venezuelan Flamenco dancer is credited for developing the fad. The instructor developed the dance because she wanted to give her students something to do. The Macarena is a repetition of various hand movements. The only time your feet move during the dance is when you turn to a different side at the end.

The Running Man

The Running Man became a huge fad in the 80s. Young teens and kids were emulating the dance. The Running Man was a huge part of the Hip-Hop movement. Even though rapper MC Hammer made the dance popular with his “2 Legit 2 Quit” video, he didn’t create the dance. It is rumored that Paula Abdul created the dance for Janet Jackson. The running man is executed by jolt-hopping in a running motion. Vanilla Ice was notorious for doing The Running Man. He did the dance so much, that some people referred to the dance as ‘The Vanilla Ice’. Nowadays, instead of doing The Running Man, people tend to poke fun at it.

The Hustle

The Hustle was a vital part of the 70s. The dance was done in every club, lounge, bar and even on television. The Hustle was actually a collection of dances in the disco era. The Disco era still remains one of the liveliest times in America. Night Fever Hustle, New York Hustle, Latin Hustle and California Hustle are just some of the extensions to the original. The Hustle is a basic foot shuffle intertwined with spins and hand movements. Songwriter Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony released “The Hustle” in 1975. The song was an instant Billboard hit!

The Cha Cha Slide

The Cha Cha Slide AKA the Casper Slide, was developed in 1996. A Chicago disc jockey, DJ Casper, industrialized the dance for Bally Total Fitness. As a result of the dance’s popularity at the gym, DJ Casper created an album to go along with the dance. Cha-Cha Slide: The Original Slide Album, hit the market in the fall of 1996. The Cha Cha Slide is a variation of the Electric Slide. The Cha Cha Slide differs from the Electric Slide because DJ Casper actually announces what steps to do during the Cha Cha Slide. The dance is as popular as ever. It has become the signature dance at most special events, parties and weddings.

The Twist

The Twist was yet another dance craze in the 1960s. The 1960s was a huge time for Rock ‘N’ Roll.

The Twist received negative and positive feedback. Teens loved the dance while others thought the dance was too provocative. The origins of The Twist can be dated as far back as the late 1800s. During slavery, plantation workers developed a dance called “Wringin’ & Twistin’ “. This dance is said to have been the inspiration for The Twist. This hip twisting and pelvic thrusting dance was a fad across the world. Legendary Rock N’ Roll singer Chubby Checker struck gold when he released his cover of “The Twist” in 1960.

Every generation has a memorable dance. Some of these dances fade, while others continue to thrive. Seeing some of these dances repeatedly may be tiresome or annoying, but dance crazes are here to stay!


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