Best Destinations for Freshwater Fishing


Authored by Emeka Justice in Fishing
Published on 04-01-2009

Are you ready for a summer of fish catching and frying? The best eating fish are swimming around in the freshwater spots all over the US. Get your poles and tackle boxes ready to go fishing this summer at some of the hottest freshwater fishing holes there are.

One of the best places in the South to go fishing is Lake Jocassee, located in the upstate of South Carolina. The fishing at Lake Jocassee has everything there is to offer for the experienced and the not so experienced fisherman. The pristine clear waters of Lake Jocassee hold small mouth bass, crappie, trout, and bream. The fishing is always good at Lake Jocassee. You will be able to camp or rent a cabin to spend more than a few days on the waters of Lake Jocassee for a fishing trip you won’t soon forget.

Florida has its share of freshwater fishing, too. You can go upstate in Florida and have the all the freshwater fishing you can stand. The fishing is easier in Florida because you don’t have to worry about taking a lot with you- everything for fishing is right there. You couldn’t wish for more places to get freshwater and saltwater fishing in and bring home a catch that all your fishing friends will envy.

For more freshwater fishing, you need to travel north to Alaska for the upstream salmon fishing that is the best of freshwater fishing. The Alaskan waters may be only a seasonal option to most, but it is ever worth the wait. Ice fishing is a form of freshwater fishing that is unique and can only appeal to some, but the fishing you can catch during one ice fishing trip will make it worthwhile.

A lot of people wouldn’t think to go to Arkansas for freshwater fishing. The lakes in Arkansas are, however, full of freshwater fish like striped bass and stripers, and the lakes are beautiful to boot. For an awesome fishing trip, make plans to go to the lakes in Arkansas where the fishing is fine at Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita and Lake Greeson. Since 1954, these lakes have been under the control of the Arkansas Game and Fish Division, and since then the lakes have produced the best spot ever for catching Striped Bass, some up to 40 pounds. The Hot Springs Lakes are also homer to black bass, bream, trout and catfish.

Freshwater fishing can be exciting and is different from salt water fishing in that you can get into the mountains and woods to fish. You will be able to enjoy the scenery of the woods that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. One advantage of freshwater fishing is that you will have a lot more places to go fishing that is inland and not too far to travel to. You will be able to access rivers and streams that aren’t as far as you think from your back door and you will be able to eat your fish catch at home.


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