Best Facebook Applications

Facebook is a popular networking website where family and friends can meet online, play games, write blogs, poke friends, give virtual gifts, and many other activities. It is a great way for musicians to network with their fans, writers to share their content and books, television series to update recent shows, and a great way for charity organizations to reach out. Facebook applications are a great way to let us network, share with the online world, and play games. There are several kinds of Facebook applications that are popular amongst the online crowd.

For those who enjoy a little gambling and a bit of virtual betting, the Slots application is popular to about 70,000 people who have played according to allfacebook.com. About 50.02% of those people come back each day to play. In order to earn tokens to play at Slots, Facebook users can play games like “Scratch and Win,” and “Pull Tabs,” to win tokens to make bets with.

Blackberry Smartphone owners will most likely install the application onto their phone so that they are able to visit Facebook. AllFacebook.com states that 1.7 million people on Facebook come to the Blackberry Smartphone application every day. As a result of this popular application, Blackberry owners are the most active mobile users on Facebook.

Another popular application on Facebook is the online game of Farmville. Members get to take care of their own virtual farm where they grow their own crops and also even harvest them. Farmville became a part of Facebook on June 19th of 2009. According to an article at the IndianPress.com, there is over thirty five million users that play the game regularly each month. There is an estimate of seventy two million farmers on Facebook that engage in the online farming games.

If you would like to try your hand at running a restaurant, another fun game included in Facebook applications is Restaurant City. Users can create their own restaurant, the look and atmosphere, create a name, and even hire their friends to work. The game allows a vast menu to create dishes to be served at their restaurant, but players must earn, win, or trade ingredients with their friends to get them. There is also a market where players can purchase them as well. Restaurant City players must remember to keep their employees fueled with plenty of rest and food though, or they will literally fall asleep at the job! You can earn extra coins picking up trash at your own or friend’s restaurants too. As of October 2009, there are 17,454,448 active Facebook members who play each month.

One last application that is useful on Facebook is the “notes” section. In the notes, you can import blogs, write about your day or anything else on your mind, share poetry or articles, or anything else that you would like to add. Notes lets you personalize your profile a little bit more by allowing you to add a diary or blog like entry each day. You can also read notes from your friends on Facebook as well.

There are many applications on Facebook, and it is hard to determine exactly which ones are the best. Each member will have their own preferences, and how they use their Facebook profile. Some may like to kill some time by gaming, others use it as a networking device, and others may use it to just stay in touch with family and friends. There are a variety of applications that allow us to do the tasks that we need or enjoy on Facebook.


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