Best Farm Animals For Profit

Managing a farm well can make the difference between profit and loss. A well managed farm can be a very successful business. It is important that guidelines and veterinary advice is followed to the letter to ensure that the farm animals bring to you the profit that you envision. It is a fact that micro farms based on eco friendly practices are emerging as good business ventures.

Mixed farming is considered the best practice for farming. This means that you have raise crops and animals together. And the more the number of species, the more likely that your farm will do better. You are then not dependent on any one crop or any one animal for your profits. This bio diversity may bring some management problems, but it is almost certain that this very diversity could cause you to be in the market with your produce and animals at all times thus yielding constant profit. And then you do not have all your eggs in one basket.

Chickens, pigs, cows and goats consider farms as their natural habitats. If you run a farm with all these animals present, you will most certainly have a farm that is healthy, soil that is fertile, and produce that is healthy. Run all these animals the way an organic farmer will do and you will never have to worry about yields, diseases and pests. Run the farm the way nature intended and you will most probably find your profits up where you wanted it to be.

Pigs are ideal for renewing a pasture. Fence the area you want to renew and release the pigs on to it. Pigs make ideal ploughs and root up the weeds and turn over the ground at the same time. They will in addition manure the ground naturally. Once you consider your pasture renewed, just move the pigs on to the next fenced plot and let them continue with this natural renewal process. So you have pigs that can work for you and increase your profit while at the same time continuing to be a source of meat that you can sell.

Most of the chicken that is available in the cities are all industrial chickens that are grown in huge factories. A true free range chicken grown on a small organic farm holding can taste much better and is much healthier to eat than the supermarket variety. The profits from organically raised chicken are quite huge and the problems in raising them are almost non existent. Chicken can give you meat and eggs and also help you to shred your compost material that you use to make manure for the farm.

You can also consider further integration of your farm by having your own small pond on your farm. This can help you to raise a supply of fish that can be sold for a profit. You can also use the pond to raise ducks and geese which by themselves are very useful in reducing the fly content on farms, besides being good sources of eggs and meat. The pond can be further used to harvest rainwater and thus ensure that you have your own supply of water. Even a small pond can do a lot to become a worthwhile source of food.


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