Best First Dates in Denver


Authored by Stephanie A. Harper in Dating
Published on 07-11-2009

There is no doubt that as far as the dating game is concerned, the first date is a pretty significant one. But, with the many entertainment options available in the Denver metro area, it can be hard to find that perfect outing for a blossoming romance. Here’s a selection of unique ideas for that perfect first date.

For a low budget option that still boasts a high probability of romance, consider a picnic in south central Denver’s Washington Park. This 165 acre piece of paradise in the middle of an urban center is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in the sun. Hold hands walking on one of the park’s many trails, or tip toe through the tulips in one of the lovely flower gardens. Check out the garden that is an exact replica to the one at Mount Vernon, and really impress your date. And, be sure to bring a blanket for two!

Another fairly inexpensive, outdoor adventure worth considering this summer is an evening at Red Rocks Amphitheater’s “Film on the Rocks.” The ten dollar ticket gets you parking and entrance to the amphitheater, along with the film showing, plus an opening band, and the comedic styling of whoever happens to be hosting the event for the evening. Take advantage of one of the prettiest places in Colorado, and get that first kiss under the stars without paying an arm and a leg for a concert.

Another option is to take advantage of one of the many museums or related activities in Denver. Check out the incredible Hamilton building addition to the Denver Art Museum for $15.00 a person, and hold hands through the galleries. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is another great place to wow your date with your intellectual prowess, and if you catch a show in the planetarium, you can snuggle in the reclining seats. Or, head to the Denver Aquarium for $14.95 and find some dark corners to enjoy each others company among the fishes. And, if you are looking to spend a little something extra, go for dinner at the Aquarium restaurant for the surreal experience of eating the very things you paid money to see alive.

Another possibility is to take advantage of the wonderful Downtown Denver area for fun evening of shopping and dining. Check out the wonderful stores in the Denver Pavilions and then catch a romantic, candlelight dinner at Maggianos. Or, spend some time wandering around Lodo, looking at all the beautiful architecture in this historic district, and then find one of the many bars or nightclubs in which to dance the night away.

And finally, you can always go for a truly unique dining experience, a real night to remember. Share some fondue at Denver’s La Fondue or at the Melting Pot in quaint Downtown Littleton, and try feeding each other with those little fondue forks. It’s great for sharing. Or, try Denver’s own Mateem Fez, where you can sit on pillows and be served fabulous Moroccan fare by belly dancers, for a truly unforgettable evening.


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