Best Free Software for Spyware Removal

Here are some free software for spyware removal worth considering.

Ad-Aware Free (Anniversary Edition)

Lavasoft has 10 years of experience when it comes to busting spyware. This freeware is among the most popular software downloaded from reputable download sites.

If you have been using previous versions of Ad-Aware, you would welcome the Anniversary Edition. For one, it loads much faster when you boot your computer. For another, the scan process is speedier than it was in previous versions, thanks to the Quick Scan feature.

However, this freeware version has certain features disabled. There’s no real-time registry protection and scanning of networked drives isn’t supported. Scheduled scanning is also reserved for the paid version of the software.

The plus point in this version is that Ad-Watch Live has been set up to run better in the background.

You would find Ad-Aware one of the easiest anti-spyware programs to use with its friendly interface.

Spybot – Search and Destroy

This is another popular freeware. Spybot can easily detect and terminate spyware lurking in your computer. It could also clean out your sensitive web usage details , especially useful If you have to share your computer after using it for online shopping or banking transactions.

You’ll be impressed with its wide-ranging database of malware and other rogue programs. Scan results are tabulated in groups. You also get to learn more about a particular suspect item to help you decide whether you should retain or delete it.

You would also find the Immunize feature helpful if you want to keep away troublesome stuff you may attract from the Internet.

The System Startup feature allows you to decide which programs you would like to automatically load when you start your computer.

Spybot Search and Destroy would be ideal as a companion to your current spyware detector.


If prevention is your cup of tea, you would be impressed with SpywareBlaster. It prevents the infiltration of, among others, spyware, adware and browser hijackers of the ActiveX type. Its strength lies in blocking tracking and spyware cookies in such web browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape.

There’s the Check For Updates Feature to enable you to stay ahead of new spyware spread through the Internet.

If you want this to be in the automatic mode, be prepared to pay $10 a year which also entitles you to technical support.

The System Snapshot feature allows you to make a record of your system in its uninfected state to help you undo the alterations made after a spyware attack.

Trend Micro Hijack This

The program is designed to detect any new programs which it thinks will hijack your system. Hijack This focuses on browser helper objects and some type of registry keys.

Updates ensure new malware don’t easily get into your system. Sometimes, there are false indications. So, you must be careful about deleting any files before verification.

Visit forums to verify what you’ll be deleting is indeed a malicious file instead of an important system file.


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