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Best Gel Ink Pens Based on Amazon Sales


I was checking out Amazon.com for new office supplies to review, and I came across their list of the top selling gel ink pens and I thought I’d share how the best gel ink pens rank by Amazon sales.  So although this post is title best gel ink pens, I guess it should really be interpreted as being the gel ink pens that Amazon managed to sell the most of at the time of this writing.

1. Uniball 207

2. Pilot G2

3. Pilot FriXion

4. Vivo Triple

5.  Zebra Jimnie

So I’m just curious, which of these 5 are your top pens to use?  Personally I have a few in this list that I use, but its surprising to me that this is the list of the top 5 gel ink pens on Amazon, so share your feedback with me because I’d be thrilled to hear your comments and get to understand whats going on here.  I know that the readers of this blog definitely have some different opinions as to what the best gel ink pens are, and its better than just seeing what the common consumer buys the most on Amazon.

I’ve got my own issues with claims that the Pilot G2 is the best pen, and you can check that link out for some writing samples and other details on why I think it falls far short of those claims.  Again, those are my own personal issues, but over time I’ve heard and read many other people express similar concerns about the writing experience with it.  The only thing I really think that the Pilot G2 has going for it is the incredible ease of locating refills for them.   I mean even grocery stores and hotel gift shops have been known to carry the refills so you can always get your hands on one.  Maybe we should make an effort to revisit this list on a regular basis to see how it changes.

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