Best Gifts for Gardeners


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Gifts
Published on 11-21-2009

The best gifts for gardeners vary from cheap and simple to complicated gadgets. Most gifts for gardeners are inexpensive. Gardeners have simple tastes. Gardening is a frugal hobby and doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. Just a shovel, a hoe and some seeds, fertilizer and such. There are some high end gifts for gardeners that do make a difference in the work load. Start at the top of this list for less expensive gifts and work your way down for bigger ideas.


The best gifts for gardeners are sometimes the most obvious. This idea may sound boring but gardeners will love a gift of seeds. Pick some unusual flower, vegetable and herb seeds and bulbs as gifts for your favorite gardener. Choose things you know they plant every year to add to the mix. Tie a ribbon around each bundle of seed or bulb packets. Toss them in a pretty basket with a trowel and gardening gloves. The gardener in your life will love gifts of seeds, no matter how they’re packaged.


Plants make excellent Christmas gifts for gardeners. Cold weather doesn’t allow for much in the way of outdoor gardening. Give gardeners gifts that keep them busy with their favorite hobby all year. In warmer months, vegetable, flower and herb plants are among the best gifts for gardeners. Some gardeners prefer to use starter plants, rather than seeds or bulbs. The cost of plants can add up quickly, when planting an entire garden. These are true money saving gifts for gardeners.

Small Hand Tools

Make gardening easier with these thoughtful gifts. There are many small gardening hand tools to choose from. In the spring, these gardening gifts are sold everywhere. Don’t worry about buying the gardener a hand tool they already own. Trowels and other small common hand tools are easily lost. Back ups are always welcome. Mix in a few handy helpers like garden scissors, weed claws and bulb planters too.

Large Hand Tools

Most gardeners have a good collection of shovels, rakes, hoes and picks. First time gardeners may not be so well equipped. Check their inventory to see what the best gardening tool gifts for them might be. Gardeners might really appreciate a post hole digger or weed claw to save them labor. The post hole digger can be used for digging plant holes. It takes much less labor than a conventional shovel. You can buy post hole diggers and large weed claws for less than $40.00.


Innovative garden gadgets are some of the best gifts for gardeners. Every year someone comes out with a new product to save gardeners work. Be careful, though. Not all these gadgets work the way they claim to. Talk to other gardeners about what gadgets they find most helpful. You might even ask the recipient gardener. Be discreet so as not to give away the surprise. Just bring the new product up in conversation and see what they think about it.


This is an expensive gift. Any gardener will thank you for it many times over. Digging up a garden by hand every year is no easy task. This is among the best gifts for gardening spouses. Gardeners receiving this gift say no to hours of bending and heavy lifting. A rototiller not only tills the soil, it mixes in fertilizer and other amendments with relative ease. This gardening gift works well for landscaping projects too.

Gardening gifts for the gardener in your life are easy to find. Wrap up some seeds or plants as inexpensive gardening gifts. Small tools are another cheap gift for gardeners. Step it up a notch with some larger hand tools. Consider the latest gardening gadgets as gifts for the gardener. Some of these innovative products save the gardener a lot of work. For the ultimate in gardening gifts, think about purchasing a rototiller. Whatever gift you choose from this list will please any gardener.


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