Best Golf Bags Under $150


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Golf
Published on 04-23-2009

There are many that believe golf is a game only the rich can play. Indeed, a decent set of golf clubs can set you back quite a bit, and then there are the greens fees. Finding an inexpensive, well-maintained public course can be difficult – they’re either cheap and run-down, or expensive and manicured, but rarely cheap and manicured. So what’s a wanna-be duffer without much cash to do?

One way to cut corners is to opt for a less expensive bag. There are several great options out there for less than $150 which will carry your clubs just as well as a more expensive bag. After all, it’s not like you’re hitting the ball with your bag, so the quality of the bag doesn’t really affect your game all that much. Heck, I’d carry my clubs around in a cardboard box if I could get away with it, but unfortunately society dictates one look presentable on the golf course and not so much like a homeless person. So with that in mind, here are three bags that won’t break your bank but will still get the job done.

Wilson Staff Eco-Carry Golf Bag

This bag is currently priced at $128 at Wal-Mart, it has a molded top with six dividers for club organization, and it also has a double strap and an ergonomic hip pad for easier carrying. While this bag can be easily strapped to the back of a cart, it’s really designed for carrying, and weighs in at a paltry 3.7 pounds. And while you won’t be able to fit your entire wardrobe in it, the bag’s three large pockets are more than enough space for the gear you’ll need over 18 holes. It also comes with a rain hood and umbrella holder, and if you’re concerned about the environment, the fact that it’s made from recycled materials just might seal the deal for you.

Ping Explore Cart Bag

If you only frequent golf courses where carts are required, or if you just prefer to ride than walk, you might consider a cart bag. The Ping Explore, priced as low as $109.99 online, looks like a bag that’s much more expensive than it is. It’s got three dividers for clubs, and has a total of eight pockets with tons of room for pretty much anything you might wish to take with you on the course. And it even has a dual insulated refreshment pocket to keep your drinks cool while you’re riding around. Since it’s a cart bag, it weighs a little more than some of the more lightweight carry bags, but at only six pounds it won’t break your back while you transport it from the trunk to the back of your cart.

TaylorMade Golf Corza Stand Golf Bag

Coming in at $149.99, this bag just beats our $150 limit, but it’s worth every penny and more. Like the Wilson Eco-Carry, this bag is designed to be carried with its double strap carry system and lightweight form factor. It has a total of four pockets, one of which is lined with velour to protect your valuables such as watches and jewelry from being damaged. It also comes in three stylish color schemes including Black/Yellow/Red for those who wish to stand out, and the more muted Black/Charcoal/White and Navy/Bronze for the more conservative.


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