Best Golf Clubs for High Handicap

Golf players are considered to be in one of three categories – low, mid, and high handicap. A handicap is determined by measuring a player’s performance against the par on a regulation course, which is normally par 72. High-handicap players are usually beginner golfers who shoot over 100, and certain clubs are better than others for this type of player. With all of the brands on the market, talking to golf pros at specialty shops is essential before purchasing any set of clubs. Some of the most popular brands for golf clubs are Ping, Callaway, Titleist, King Cobra, Wilson, Spaulding, Yonex, Taylor Made, and Adams. Beginners and people with less powerful swings need to look for certain features in clubs in order to be at a better advantage on the golf course.

Everyone should start off with a basic set of clubs, which will include putters, drivers, wedges, and irons. Each club type was specifically designed to change your swing speed to get the ball the best distance to the hole. Many high-handicap players do not need to carry a driver. Better choices are the 3-wood, and the 7-and 9-woods, which are easier to hit. Fairway woods are the most popular because they seem to provide the most assistance to high-handicap players. The best rated fairway woods are the Calloway Big Bertha, and the Cobra SZ. In addition to these woods, many instructors recommend that high-handicap carry the following wedges: the lob wedge, pitching wedge, and the sand wedge. Besides these wedges, several specific irons are highly recommended for beginner players.

Some brands of irons are better than others for the beginner player. Five of the top rated irons, according to www.golf.com, are the Cleaveland HiBore Xli, Cobra Transition-S, Mizuno MX-100, Ping Rapture V2, and the TaylorMade Burner Plus. These irons can really help high-handicap players to hit their shots in a straighter line and greater distance with relative ease. These clubs range in price from $599 to $1399 for a set. Some of the design features in these clubs include short irons with thinner top-lines, more compact heads, and narrow blade length; better weight balance and center of gravity; sweet spots that are geared towards the toe of the iron (beginner golfers usually will incorrectly hit shots close to the iron toe); changing the location of the plug in the toe section of the iron; and putting a beveled section in the rear of the club. All of these irons were carefully constructed with the beginner player in mind. After many trials, these irons are considered the best for high-handicap players.

In addition to the top rated irons, most professional players recommend that you carry a Hybrid. This club is used most often to replace the three-iron. The Hybrid club has a “lower center of gravity” that enables higher shots. The shaft on the club is much shorter than other clubs, which leads to better accuracy and control. The most popular Hybrids include the Taylor Made Rescue Mid, the Nike CPT, and the Ben Hogan CFT. Most Pros carry a Hybrid with them on the course.

It can be confusing deciding which set of clubs to purchase. Specialty stores usually have a Subject Matter Expert on clubs who can help you find the best clubs for your game. No matter which ones you choose, make sure that you are comfortable with the clubs, and that you have a great time playing golf.


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