Best High Schools in New York


Authored by Emeka Justice in Education 
Published on 10-12-2009

Planning for your child’s future can be an exciting time given the right tools. But if you do not have the right tools then this planning stage can be very scary. These tools would include not only a happy and healthy home, but also a really good education. If you are planning on moving to New York and want to find the best High Schools for your children then you have come to the right place. In fact, even the National Education Association states that New York has worked wonders in the area of academics. Not only have they improved the actual schools but student grades are up all over the state.

This is very exciting news for all New York parents as the state of the schools just a few years ago had a lot less to be desired, and while there are still problems to be worked on, these go hand in hand with every day issues that schools all over the country deal with every day. So while other states are still working their way up the ladder to a higher education achievement, New York has been there and is still moving on up!

For example, according to education reports, many of the lower grads have upped their reading score by more than 26%, and those figures continue to rise. When it comes to the math results, those students in New York have seen their scores rise more than double. When added to the fact that New York public schools are even outranking the private schools then you know you have a winning team to enroll your children in. These are exactly the stats you want to see when looking for the best High Schools for your children.

Also, when searching around you will want to look at the scores for College Entrance Exams. A really great school will work with children to ensure that they are fully prepared for college. This will include higher SAT scores as well as high ACT scores. Luckily for you, the New York schools have also seen dramatic rises in these scores, more than 30% in fact. Not to mention that there are more High School graduates going to college in New York than many other states around the nation.

You want to do all you can to prepare you children for life as an adult and while you taught them to walk and talk, held their hands through grade school, your job does not stop there. You need to continue to get your children the best education you can in order for them to have the best start in life once they leave your nest. How are you supposed to do this as a parent when your school is at the bottom of the list? Your child’s education is everything and by searching out the best New York High Schools, you are already giving them the biggest step up of their lives. Get your children into advanced placement today and watch their futures grow.


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